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(Auto)mobile hotels

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Urban Development

While we are all ok with such shops, as they provide quick solutions to auto/cab/bus drivers I am just wondering

a) Are valid license holders to do the business?

b) Is their vehicle authorized to use for such purposes (which shows white number plate)?

c) Does the RTO rules permit usage of private vehicles for business use?

d) Do the business owner pay taxes?

e) Do the business owner has parking permit (if any such thing exists in Bangalore)?

f) Does the traffic police bother, as their traffic sign is blocked for visibility?

g) What shall pedastrians do, if  they want to walk descently in side-walks?

h) Who will clear the garbage( and of course mosquitoes) they create on roadside?

I am sure I am not first one to say all these, but want to put on record. I have not intentionally blurred the vehicle number, just to allow relavant authorities to act, if they happen to see this post.

Location : Electronic City Phase 2 Main road, adjacent to BMTC depot.

(Exact location is marked in Google Map)

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