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BMRDA approved sites for sale, seriously

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Hello to everyone from silkboard builders private limited. We have 60x40 sites for sale in a luxurious layout near Devanahalli. It is a BMRDA approved project, approval number is BIAAPA/TP/LAO/84/2008-9.

Hope I manage to get past the Praja moderators. But one simple question. Why on earth in this age of information and computers, there is no easy way for you to find out these two things:

  1. Is there a company by name 'silkboard builders private limited'? Who are the promoters, when was the company established?
  2. Is that BMRDA approval number a real one? What exactly does "BMRDA approved" mean? Can this approval ever be canceled or withdrawn?

There is no silkboard builders limited, and I just made up that BMRDA approval number. (in case you noticed, that doesn't even look like a BMRDA approval). But seriously, how easily could you have figured these out by yourself? Try.

  • For question #1, you could go to ministry of corporate affairs website ( There is a "citizen's charter", and brochure on RTI, but no easy link to a company search database. Look hard, and you may be able to find this page to look up "public documents" for a company ( I was able to look up companies by name (search "Mantri" to test), but couldn't see the so called "public documents" about the company. Conclusion: 75% there.
  • For question #2, BMRDA website seems to be the only place to go. Up there (, there is a link to "approved layouts". Good so far, but oh no, that list has a proud discliamer - "The List is updated as on 15/09/2006". Conclusion: not there.

Can't easily research the companies, can't easily check on builder's claims (approval # etc). And then, at times approvals get "withdrawn" by government. Not to mention the difficulty in figuring out fair price for residential real estate, and the "hassles" involved in paying in "white" and registering your real estate purchase. Let us not even talk about assurances on infrastructure (BWSSB water, and BBMP roads).

Is real estate buyer the most harassed and underserved "consumer" in India today? comment guidelines

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