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BBMP - eGovernance Initiative

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BBMP has invited Expression of Interest to "Prepare a DPR to establish e-Goveranace facilities at BBMP".

See attached, sourced from here and here.

Couldn't help notice that the e-Governance requirements should meet "minimum standard ofservice level benchmark indicated as per JnNURM guidelines". Apart from this, all I see in the RFP for EOI is a list of applications currently running in the organization. 

I think BBMP needs help, quick, in figuring out what they really need in the first place. Hopefully, vendors showing interest do! But that may be hoping for too much; since the criterion for selection is not clear either. 

Ideas? Comments? If you know are in the field of delivering such services, now may be your best chance to influence.

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Wild Card ?

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BBMP is probably one of the worst performing corporations for any large city & I think they are just taking some chances here, hoping to somehow set that record straight by straying into the "unknown" by indulging in this exercise.

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 I am amazed they have been

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 I am amazed they have been running the IT city with none of these in place.

But why are they rebuilding working software?

Why property tax system? I just filed my property tax online. Hope that was a working piece of software, else it must mean I have a dud reciept in my hands for last year?

Why citizen grievance system? Spandana mysteriously disappeared one fine day. It seemed to be working fine.They used to give me a compliant ticket number and all that. The problem wasnt the system it was that no accountability existed from BBMP to act on those tickets and call back to confirm if it can be closed.

I hope the DPR doesnt make them spend again on things that already exist. The rest I believe better be good. Else we can close down BBMP

One other thing is to keep BBMP only for O&M. Its time all development projects went to BDA/BMRDA.

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Follow up on Spandana

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 I have called up BBMP to register a complaint reg Spandana down. But helpdesk (22660000) has denied to register, as it is out of thier scope. However they gave indication that Spandana will be up in 15 days(why so long ? No idea) Lesson learned : IT system failure is not in their scope. 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Copy / pasting relevant

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Copy / pasting relevant information from the link:

The scope of these software applications and their  number and size is
growing day by day and there a need to integrate these software applications and
enhancing the service deliverability. So, BBMP is planning to build a new state of the
art Data Centre in a wide area, which can host all  the organization’s software
application and its databases.
3.2 Deliverable Specification
1.  The proposal will have E-Governance vision and framework
specific to BBMP.
2.  The vendor is expected to study all the Software applications
currently running in BBMP. 
3.  Evaluate the existing services provided by each of the software
4.  Determine the ideal service benchmarks for theses software
5.  The Desired modifications required for existing software or
new software applications required to achieve these service
level benchmarks.
6.  Based on the above, suggest a methodology to integrate all
these Software Applications which will increase the
Organization’s efficiency and transparency.
7.  Also suggest how these applications can be integrated with
other Government / Business portals. (G2G, G2B)
8.  Prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for setting up of new
Data Centre according to the BBMP’s Guidelines.
9.  The proposal should have detailed action plan to meet the
vision which includes detailed hardware and software
technical specification, suggested methodology for
procurement and execution of work and the expected
output/service delivery mechanism.

In plain english, it looks like the various software are becoming unwieldy and they want to integrate but still want to retain control. Very good step.  List of current e-services are on page 4.  Wonder if the BBMP authorities have brainstormed the age-old in-house vs. outsourced choice.

SPANDANA is still not working!!

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I have complained about this to BBMP several times.

I again complained 2 weeks back and here below is the email reply that they sent:


Dear sir,

Sri. Narendra Kumar   has complained about not working of spandana. The same is here with forwardedThis mail has brought to the notice of Hon'bl Commissioner Sir. Please look into the matter and The action taken on this issue, may please be informed to this office and concerned complainer.



 Public Grievance Cell

Office of the Commissioner



But, till now, nothing has been done and the SPANDANA does not work!!


Even after 6 months, the Spandana problem remains the same!!

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BBMP went the egovernance way 2 years back and gave "Spandana" to the people of Bangalore, using which the citizens of Bangalore can register complaints online and also look at the status.
Initially the site was working fine and the BBMP was following up with the complaints registered throught Spandana.
But, for last 1 year, the Spandana is not working.
Though the page gets loaded when we enter the url in the browser, the complaint doesn't get registered! It doesn't even give an error!! It is as if the complaint is sent to a black hole. When we search for the complaint, we cannot find it. So, the complaint is not getting registered.
I tried to enter the complaint with different computers (both desktops and laptops), using different operating systems (Linux and Windows) and different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) - the same result is seen in any of the combination.
I had written a mail to BBMP Commissioner about this and he had responded back, promising that the problem will be rectified.
But, nothing has been done.
Looks like our complaints are falling on deaf ears.
Can somebody tell me, how to get "Spandana" working again?
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BBMP officials email-ids not reachable (published on their site)

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I wanted to report bad conditions of the road between sarjapura road cross on the hosa-road till Amrutha College. So, I did -
(1) Raised a complaint on spandana page of BBMP. After submitting, I got no page giving details of my complaint or no email. It went to another complaint page asking for details of new complaint.
(2) Sent mails to following BBMP officials - 
Engineer In Chief -
Chief Engineer Major Roads -
Chief Engineer (mahadevpura) -
Executive Engineer (Mahadevapura) -
But only commissioner's email was reachable, but all other emails were unreachable. 
I have taken email-ids from the BBMP official website.
(3) Earlier reported the same on, and also on ichangemycity.
Now, not sure what should I do, what should be next step? Please suggest.
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BBMP e-mail

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I got response from this i.d. some time back.-

Commissioner BBMP,PAID, HEAD OFFICE <>


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BBMP e-mail

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I got response from this i.d. some time back.-

Commissioner BBMP,PAID, HEAD OFFICE <>


Spandana is not working for a long time

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I have used Spandana and it was working fine. BBMP officials were following-up with the complaints submitted in Spandana.

For last few months Spandana website is not working.

I sent a mail to BBMP commissioner about that.

I got a reply from him, informing that the site is working.

Till now, the problem hasn't been solved! I have replied back to BBMP commissioner, that the site is not working. Nothing has been done to correct it till now!

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Spandana Word means "Response" but website is not responding.

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I tried register a complaint abt water problem in Yelahankaold town, used spandana website. When i filled in all details on the website and lastly clicked on submit. I didn't get any reference number or sms as said. The portal didn't even say that my complain has been accepted.


i don't know if this is just a webpage which accepts all the details and the submit button had been replaced with Reset option...




If any one has used spandana and have info on this please let me know.

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I had tried it long back. Got a Ref. no. That was the end. No action after that.


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Sending a facebook message to Katte Sathya

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Katte Sathya BBMP Mayor is in FaceBook. Sending a direct message to him may help. He responds well to queries via facebook !

Lets hope some action would be taken. Click here to go to his FaceBook Page

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