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April 2008

BIA launch delayed yet again - May 29 ?

The Aviation Ministry has "requested" that the launch of BIA be delayed, most likely to May 29th.

See: PTI, IBN Live

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Metro Rail

We have seen ...

  1. Roads being discussed on praja and one thing that has come up is that the traffic manages to congest any space available, wide or not..
  2. BRTS..the current implementations are having teething issues than real problems. But there is still lot to be desired. To google BRT issues will provide many pointers to what ails BRT.
  3. Monorail as feeders to the the discussions have hinted its a very costly solution for a not so costly problem. The implementaitons of monorail the world over have been few and more so the successfully running ones.

What we have missed is the light rail transit option..its found that many cities accross europe and the americas use the light rail feature to decongest the roads. This provides a clean and a fast way to commute..

Location of drop box for dropping form 001 for my voter card?

I want to get voter id but not able to find designated drop box location where i can drop my form 001. Can anyone let me know where i can get the list of drop box locations.

My constituency is Bangalore south

Empower the Police and Depower the Citizens

Police in Karnataka and whole of India is lagging behind in terms of infrastructure and skilled personnel. If we see advanced countries, Police is so powerful. Citizens do not dare to play around the police.

What will help ensure vehicles stop behind stop line

Typically in India at traffic lights we see vehicles stop well beyond stop lines.

In my observation, the location of traffic lights is faulty in first place. comment guidelines

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