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Car buying/parking..emulate the Chennai way

TrafficTraffic jams

 Bangalore roads have become too clogged, thanks to the vehicle boom especially in the age of Nano's and similar cheap cars..the idea of why not another car is not a far fetched thought anymore..

The result of more cars on the street is that they need to be parked somewhere for 80-90% of the day!

LED street lights are here!

Everything else

 The infamous richmond road flyover is always blamed for everything...First signal-on-flyover in the world..etc

But these days its in the news for good you can see one of the first implementations of the LED streetlighting..

Neo Slums..are they?!

Urban DevelopmentEverything else

 Was passing by a so called slum which has come up adjecent to the ring road in front of PES engineering college..this was BWSSB property not too long ago..but a slum has come up in its place..

Service Life of Elevated Metro


 There have been numerous debates on wether we take metro underground or do we have it on elevated structures..these have been mostly related to the following:

1. Number of tree cut and properties damaged

2. Cost of going underground

TTMC Mall..


 Traffic and Transit Management Centre or the TTMC sounded too technical and interesting and so wanted to have a first hand experience..

why metro needs alternate roads on Vidhana Veedhi?


"A 300-metre stretch has been cleared from the lawn 

we start scaled down..


 Spy shot is it? :P

BETL technologies


 The 9 Km BETL is touted to open during Dussehera..

It is slated to have the following tech apart from the normal stuff..:

1.Highway traffic management system (HTMS),

The NICE fraud of 7000 acress and 17 lakes!


Extract from IE:

BTRAC road divider menace

TrafficPedestrian Infrastructure

Image003Its slowly taking over all roads in Bangalore and this needs to be stopped immediately. In the name of BTRAC they are laying these road dividers which I am sure in not in any of the road design books.

NICE Freeway becomes part of PRR!

Good news to start the week..


From TOI today:

not - so - NICE excesses


Ex PM Vajpayee had asked 'aakhir ek aadmi ko kitna chahiye?'

Improvising we need to ask 'aakhir ek project ko kitne chahiye?!'

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Metro Rail

We have seen ...

  1. Roads being discussed on praja and one thing that has come up is that the traffic manages to congest any space available, wide or not..
  2. BRTS..the current implementations are having teething issues than real problems. But there is still lot to be desired. To google BRT issues will provide many pointers to what ails BRT.
  3. Monorail as feeders to the the discussions have hinted its a very costly solution for a not so costly problem. The implementaitons of monorail the world over have been few and more so the successfully running ones.

What we have missed is the light rail transit option..its found that many cities accross europe and the americas use the light rail feature to decongest the roads. This provides a clean and a fast way to commute..

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