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April 2008

Vote Bengaluru - meeting with political party leaders

1 May 2008 16:00
1 May 2008 18:00
Citizens' Action Forum (CAF) has organized an interactive meeting with the political party leaders of the State parties, at 4 PM, on 1st May 2008, at the R V College Auditorium at 2nd Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560 011.

Mr. Venkatachalaiah has kindly consented to preside over the program. Major political parties have confirmed their participation.

Yes or No for BRTS - stats and numbers?

Public Transport

There are multiple threads popping on BRTS here and elsewhere, thanks to the situation at Delhi and Pune. Here is one more, but focused only on gathering statstics required to support or counter the BRTS decisions. What would be realistic ridership targets for a BRTS at Bangalore, Pune or Delhi - basically, size of target market? What is the current profile of road space usage? What is the average commute distance in these cities (Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad)?

Soliciting calls from "outside" on the rise, Kannada usage declining?

Very recently I had an experience where in I received a soliciting call from one of the reputed Indian banks. The weirdest part of the call was when it began ringing. I noticed that it was from a number based in Chennai, in Tamilnadu. Unassumingly I picked up the call thinking it could be either a long-time-no-call friend of mine, or some wrong number!

BRTS/Bus lane from Indiranagar to E-City?

Public Transport

One option for a BRTS in Bangalore could be from Indiranagar/Domlur to E-City after the airport shifts and the elevated expressway comes up.

Once the airport shifts, the pressure on the IRR will come down. Once the elevated expressway comes up one lane can be dedicated to the BRTS on Hosur Road (at the bottom).

Ambulances need preference

Why dont the motorist respect the hoot of the Ambulances on the Road?  Is it that the motorist do not know what their responsibility is or is it just take it easy attitude?  Instead of allowing the ambulance to pass through, we wait for the ambulance to come abreast of us and then follow it through the thick of traffic.  Is this fair? comment guidelines

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