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Empower the Police and Depower the Citizens

Police in Karnataka and whole of India is lagging behind in terms of infrastructure and skilled personnel. If we see advanced countries, Police is so powerful. Citizens do not dare to play around the police.

In the United States for example, every 2 cops get a car fully equipped, highly powerful and with expert cop cum driver. Cars that are used by cops is with V12 engine which is not released for the public use. V10 is the highest. These cars can make 200+ kmph comfortably and they can catch hold of the offender on the freeways easily. Even the system is so good that all the public cars stop or slow down whenever a cop car's siren is heard.

Same is the case in Germany. Speed is too much in Germany compared to even the United States. Most of the people use Mercedes, BMW or Audi. Even cops use the Cars of the same manufacturers with much more powerful engines custom built for them and which is not released to public.

On the other hand here in India, if we see the Jeeps that our cops use, they use age old Mahindra Jeeps/Bolero/Armada, at the maximum a Maruthi Gypsy. A powerful Goonda or a terrorist will use high powered SUVs like the Ford Endeavour, Mitsubishi Pajero or powerful cars like Camry, Lancer, Innova etc. Jeeps are given only to Inspector cardre cops only. Normaly cops will be not having any vehicle to catch the offender. He just has to pass on the message using Walky Talky which many times do not properly work.

I was just thinking that why did Government gave permissions to these powerful cars and SUVs. Are we having the freeways to drive at the speeds in which these SUVs or Powerful Cars can reach - No. We do have concrete highways like the Bangalore-Mysore highway which is not having any controlled access and leads to fatal accidents.

Coming to the cops, if an offender is using way too powerful cars, can our cops catch using the age old Jeeps? Why are the ministers, MLAs, MPs and even high court Judges getting Corollas and Innovas. Nowadays, most of the Government vehicles are powerful SUVs which the cop doesn't get. Do they need so powerful cars. Can't we have these cars given to our cops which enables them to track the offenders. MLAs and MPs should ideally use public transport to see how people are travelling. Otherwise, just a basic comfort car should be enough. Our Cops need specialized cars and SUVs on the other hand.

Ideally, there should have been a limit on the power of the vehicle a common citizen can posses and cops should get more powerful vehicles than what a common man can posses. comment guidelines

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