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April 2008

Roads in Bangalore

1.5 ft Drain Open connecting Road side to the bigger gutters.

1. Problem 1, BBMP have built this many of the area, but they fail to monitor the purpose is served. eg, many of this opening are clogged with wastes/sand. hence is it is un operational.

BIAL Discussions - II

New thread for BIAL discussions.
please use for further discussions on BIAL.

Agara lake conversion stirring up protests

Hi all friends,

 I would like all the members to go through this link. Its sad that our own Govt. is messing up our Paradise.Even the Yediyur lake, agara lake, bellendur,hebbal lakes condition is worst. Soon Prestige Group or Mantri or Kantri paradise will acquire...

Some ideas on education in Karnataka

At the outset this, has nothing to do with the civic life of bangalore as such, but as much as bangalore is tied to the rest of the state at the hip, and as much as the output of our schools is cru

Bangalore - the importance to Elections

I attended an internal seminar with the BJP today evening. One prominent leader informed me that Bangalore and surrounding
constituencies have a total of 36 Assembly seats. Hence, any party which wins Bangalore by a large margin will win the entire state.
Here is an interview:
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