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April 2008

Signboards in Bengaluru : How useful are they?

Signboards in Bangalore: It is very apparent that we are facing a tremendous space crunch in Bangalore, on road or beside it. Now, apart from expanding the city to accomodate the needs of ever increasing population, we can also modify the existing pattern to fit the needs.

HAL airport must stay: High Court

HAL Airport must remain says High Court:
Sourced from IBN-LIVE (click here for the story).

Facelift for lakes - just new fences or more?

Back in January, BBMP had announced that it planned facelift for 17 lakes in and around the city. Cant find any newspaper articles to quote from, but this blog has it (17 lakes ...).

Policing the Police


I was on my daily dinner routine. Happened to see this on-duty police person walking out of his official patrol van called ‘Hoysala'. He walked up to the cashier of this local restaurant, grabbed some money, and was matter-of-factly walking back. Not that this was the first time I saw such a thing - but, I don't know what became of me (perhaps Bollywood effect?).

Smart Cities Put People Before Cars - Lessons for Bangalore

It is no wonder then that the most vibrant cities in America — New York, Boston, San Francisco and Washington — are ones that have been able to curb the voracious appetite of the car for space. The cities we love around the world are the ones that have been able to devote more space to people and less to cars. comment guidelines

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