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Father looses son to road hump..

..Having lost his son to a speed breaker, he made it his mission to save the lives of others and now has been successful in making the local administration in Bangalore work for the marking of road humps...

Read more about it here (http://timesofindia.india...). The report says the authorities have increased the size of the speed breaker !? What will increasing the size do? act as a launch pad vehicles? Another report in times today:

The BBMP’s traffic engineering cell (TEC) has set August as the deadline to complete construction of 384 such user-friendly ‘high pedestrian crossings’ across the city.

What is 'high pedestrian crossings'? The ones like we have in front of cash pharmacy on residency road?<br>

Btw are the two articles linked?

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new speed breaker

You can see many examples of the new speed breaker design in the city.  One location is on airport road between HAL and Marathahalli, there are these speed breakers which are like a wide raised platform with reflector/blinkers embedded in  the road on the approach.  The platform is wide enough to serve as a pedestrian crossing.  Definitely better than the old speed humps.



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I am not a great fan of these

Yes they are an improvement over the previous bone breakers.  But do they really help a pedestrian cross safely?

a. Do they really slow down traffic enough? I have been over many of these in my taxi.  They seem to take it at 25-30 kmph comfortably.  No pedestrian (not including Usain Bolt!) is going to risk his life and limb darting across traffic at 25-30 kmph.

b. Lane discipline is pretty much non existent.  Even if I were brave enough to take on a vehicle at 25 kmph, the next hazard becomes unpredictability of how many such vehicles I have to take on.  I have slowed down/stopped for pedestrians only to find the bike/car behind me swerve and overtake.  I sometimes wonder if I am putting that pedestrian's life at risk by my obeying the law! 

Modifications needed

a. Put these BEFORE a zebra crossing so that vehlcles know that just after this we can expect pedestrians.  Even if you have missed seeing it you know that you are going over one.

b. Put hard lane markers for about 20ft on either side - either using concrete flats or put bollards in the form of poles (the ones they use over dividers).  That way vehicles follow a more predictable path.

c. Put those red cats eyes 50 ft before each of these so that I know something is coming up.  Ideally put blinkers on each side of the road to warn cars.




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Drivers have to drive well

In as much as i express my condolences to the victim's family, i hope our society can learn from such experiences - and maintain lane discipline and speed discipline.

Almost all of our traffic problems will be solved if and only if we make an attempt to maintain lane discipline and speed discipline.

No amount of speed breakers, scientific or unscientific will solve our problems unless we ourselves make an effort to drive lawfully. 

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agree with sri..

 the speeds  just get reduced to 25-30 kmph..which is still high!

Another option si to have a small hump before the big one..this will surely bring down the pace to near zero..I see this in as we are heading from richmond road towards corporations near kanteerava stadium..just after woodlands

..or have rumblers like New Delhi has..this should slow them down

finally agree totally to Cadambi's last stmt..


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MOST rules..

 Was digging the internet for some standards set by transport ministry in India and found this:

..the hump of a speedbreaker should not exceed 45 mm and the curve at the top should not be longer than 3.7 m. The mounted area should be extended sideways for a minimum length of 5 m so that every driver has a breathing space to slow down...


IRC:99-1988 - Tentative Guidelines on the Provision of Speed Breakers for Control of Vehicular Speeds on Minor Roads stipulates that a road hump should conform to the following dimensions: Height of 12.5 Cms, width of 200 cms and radius of 4 M.


Do the new speed breakers adhere to these norms?

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Lives still being lost to humps..

Police said Muneer, who was speeding his bike in Beretena Agrahara, bumped off on a speed braker and fell down, when a speeding MUV, which was right behind, ran over him."

more here

From sept this year..

Student killed, 2 injured on way to Nandi Hills


Riders were at fault? yes..but unscientific road humps were even more at fault..these  kind of humps are coming up everywhere around town unabated.

Sathya/Pranav/Murali Sir can this be taken up in the next meeting Police Comm meeting next time?

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Recent humps between Ejipura jn and domlur flyover, on IRR

Recently, a few humps also came along the Inner Ring Road between the Ejipura junction and the Domlur flyover, for apparenly no reason, on both sides of the road.

There are no paintings on the speed breakers, neither do they have any caution signs before its appearance.

I have raised the issue with BTP FB here.

These are also very unscientific ones and right now causing accidents because of all the problems with them i.e. no markings, no caution sign, very huge, sudden appearance etc.


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pro-active traffic chief, and a callous BBMP

I bumped over these speed-breakers (the ones at the curves on the IRR) in my car, at around 5.45 in the morning almost a week back. I attributed it to my aging senses. The car tyres and suspension took a beating, I guess, though luckily not enough to cause a break-down. When I went past them later, I was a lot more careful, though it occured to me that the markings could perhaps have been a lot better. It was later, when my wife came upon two bikes and their riders spread-eagled across the road (one almost falling under her car) at the spot, and I myself came upon one more, that I realised that the problem was not as much with my senses, as with the poor markings or lack of them.

I immediately called up Dr Saleem, and appraised him of the position. That was around 6 in the evening, on the 29th. The very next morning, when I passed these breakers, they were already marked with zebra stripes, and there were traffic cops at the spot, even though it was as early as 7 AM. Well, that's Dr Saleem for you; and that's why I have nominated him for this year's "Namma Bengaluru" award. This is but just one example of his pro-activeness.

During the telephonic talk I had with him, he told me that the decision to have the speed-breakers at the spot was made by BBMP, as also the execution of the job. His tone I dare say conveyed to me a kind of disquiet over the way the BBMP went about these matters. Well, Sir, the disquiet is not yours alone; it's ours too. BBMP better learn to mend its ways. I will be taking up the matter at the next TAC meeting.

Muralidhar Rao
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Murali Sir, But I had a

Murali Sir,

But I had a impression that, in case of speed breakers, its also the review of BTP, before BBMP constructs them.

Can they have such unscietific humps, without marking and without caution-signs?

I had posted these questions on the BTP FB page-

(1) Any reason why many speed breakers have been constructed on Inner Ring Road (between Ejipura signal and Domlur on both sides)?
(2)Also, why those are unscientific ones, not really to slow speed but to harm cars chassis?
(3) Why, no markings (while lines) on the speed breakers, so as they are visible at night?
(4) Why, no signboard before the speed-breaker, indicating "Speed Breaker Ahead" ?
(5) Are those the right places to install/construct speed breakers? [Source of study/research/analysis?]

They have forwarded my request to Halsuru Police Station, and no repsonse yet on this.

Do you think, raising a complaint with BBMP control room is the need here ?

If yes, I will do so.



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Since it was decided and

Since it was decided and executed by the bbmp, hence raised the complaint here -


And also, posted another on BTP FB page -

Praja people, and other readers, please go ahead and mark "I am affected" on above link.

Lets see, how these authorities takes this forward, I am also going to raise a complaint on bbmp control room also.



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I doubt it was done by BBMP alone without the knowledge of BTP

The accidents were waiting to happen. If you watch carefully, there are flex boards put up by Halasuru Traffic Police indicating these as a accident zones. These appeared recently at the locations where the new humps have appeared. Also the traffic police used to put barricades such that only middle lane is available for traffic, this happens over night, they leave those barricades in the same place till next day early morning. Unless it was not removed by good samaritans, it used to be there till the peak hour traffic gets blocked around 9 AM. The humps appeared in the same location as they used to put these barricades. True, the humps suddenly appear in the curves same as those barricdes used to earlier.

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