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BBMP's negligence - example from Saraswathi Nagar

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Praja is not an official complaints authority, but from time to time, we get complaint emails meant for BBMP, BMTC or Traffic Police. It indicates that many citizens don't know where exactly to complain. Regardless, here is a recent email that highlights how even small public work carried out in the city is often not done to perfection. Lack of clean up post-work is so very common.

"I have attached a photograph of the work done by BBMP at the junction of II Cross, III Cross and II Main of Ward No.35, Saraswathi Nagar. The place is just behind Saraswathinagar Bus stop. It is now 6 days since the work is done and the BBMP is not even bothered to clear the place causing serious hazard to two wheeler riders. III cross is being used by commuters as a short cut to Nagarbhavi Road and since the road is sliding down there is a tendency to overspeed. Even before this mess itself the junction prone to accidents with lot of minor accidents taken place as there are no speed breakers on any of this roads."

Examples like above are aplenty and many readers and members here would say - "ah, whats here to fuss about". But isn't this where it all begins? Just imagine what could happen if we all took interest in every little detail of work being carried out in our localities.

But wait, even before we imagine things, there is one basic piece missing here. How the hell do we track such ultra-local work!? BBMP doesn't have a proper complaint mechanism, either email and hope, or call and hope. We say hope, because there is no complaint tracking number, and there are no 'service level agreements' that say - complaints of such and such type will be replied to in x hours.

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Contact Ward Engineer and area MLA

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Practically, it is the ward engineer who has to handle such problems. The local RWA can petition the local MLA of that area.

Ideally, Meenakshi Bharat of Malleswaram Swabhimana Initiative suggested formation of "ward sabhas" which can involve citizens in local level governance. 
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Notice the illegal encroachments

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I am sure many of us have noticed the illegal enroachment on the road by the house just opposite to the piece of work highlighting BBMP apathy. It is a glaring piece of encroachment which someone from the BBMP conveniently ignored. Have a look at the level at which other houses have done up their ramps and this one makes the road narrowest at the point where it should be widest! The ramp with the white washed slope probably was designed as a deterrent to parking of cars, ingenious indeed. I hope the tree doesn't have to pay the cost for making the junction wider.
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Have there been any accidents so far

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Hey, I was going through all the entries and came across this one. I would just like to know certain things. 1. Has there been any sort of complaint filed yet for this incomplete work? If yes, then has any action being taken yet? 2. Have there been any accidents happened on this stretch because of this incompletion of work? Thanks Shubham comment guidelines

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