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CII Conference on "Sustainable Urban Infrastructure"

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19 Dec 2012 09:00
19 Dec 2012 17:30

CII is organizing a one day conference here in Bangalore on "Sustainable Urban Infrastructure", to discuss on challenges and draw solutions for sustainable Bangalore City in terms of urbanization, urban growth, real estate, housing, basic services, transport, etc. to develop a smarter and greener Bangalore with investment & citizen friendly policy environment.


9:00 Registration and Program Opening

11:00 AM : Session I: Bangalore’s Urban Growth - Trends, Patterns and Future

02:00 PM: Session 2: Bangalore Infrastructure – Water, Waste Water, Solid Waste Management / Sewage Treatment

03:20 PM: Session 3: Financing Urban Infrastructure through PPP

04:05 PM: Panel Discussion – Public Transport


Date: Dec 19, 2012, @ 9 AM
Venue: Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

For more details, please see the attached program schedule.

Urban Conf Prog Schd.pdf146.95 KB


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Did any body attended this event?

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Did any body had the chance to attend this event?

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press reports..

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Not sure anyone atteneded..however here are some news reports:



Looks like lot of talk!

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Are policy makers serious about Urban Infrastrue ??

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From Praja  or as Citizens should  have participated in this forum.  Thanks to Bushan &  Syed for making efforts in connecting to CII for Commuter Rail Project.

Way this event was attended by Policy makers shows that their was something went wrong.   So policy makers like Ministers from GOK,  GOI & Govt Orgnnizations from GOK & GOI did't not paticipate,  so they do't want to come out and dicuss or deliberate the issues to take them to policy making.

If their is pressure from Minister or CM,  things r moved.  Example of BARC for HSRL case,  it was formed for HSRL, now it's main responsibilty is Elevated LRT  &  Mono Rail.   But  for Commuter Rail,  their is no authority or SPV till now.  This is how Govt working  and other side of Govt.  keep  pumping  money in  Infrastructure  without knowing  what other Organization within policy making is doing.  Case of BBMP,  IDD,  UDD, BDA.

BBMP & IDD keep pumping money for ROB / RUB for Railways on 50% cost.  But BBMP  is no where near Commuter Rail Project  for Bangalore till now including BDA.

Looking at no representation from either GOK / GOI,   its surprising that CII could not ensure Minister & Govt officials for this Conference.

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No Ministers/MLAs, Only reports!

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Looks like 'psaram42' attended this event and he has open up another post on this with some interesting points.

You are right. It is a truth that in a system of governance as ours, Politicians, specially the ruling part Ministers/MLAs are the one who can make or break the project proposals. You know this better. Look at the progress of CRS compare to Monorail/Light Rail, Hubli-Dharwar BRTS, Namma Metro etc. It is ample testimony that without CM/Govt's nod projects will remain on papers only. One day will find its way to dustbins.

Interesting to note the words of Dr. A Ravindra, Advisor to CM on Bangalore Urban Development.

"...Commenting on that, Ravindra said organizers should not host conferences if MLAs and ministers don’t turn up. “What’s the point of discussing city’s infrastructure in their absence? Unless they make up their minds and bring some changes in the legislation of urban infrastructure, there won’t be any point in discussing the same civic issues,” said Ravindra. ..."

Source - Times Of India


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Wednesday, middle of day

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Very hard to attend such events for regular citizens. 9 am, wednesday, middle of town. Anyway, caught up on this through newspaper reports on the events.

High time people start streaming such events, that is, if they want regular young citizens to keep up or participate. This CII think was more if an industrybusiness event, so not criticizing this particular event, but any others that expect citizen participation but manage mid week 9 am mid town. comment guidelines

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