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Meeting with Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka

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19 Aug 2008 11:00
19 Aug 2008 12:00

[post meeting update: Here are the notes from this meeting]

The address is as below:

M.N. Vidyashankar,
CEO & E/o Principal Secy. to Govt.,
DPAR (Elections)
Old KGID Building,
Cubbon Park,
Bangalore 560001
Ph: 080-2286 4401
Fax: 080-2286 9322

This is the old red building (in line with the High Court building) behind the GPO.

So far, Gautam Rao and Anushree have expressed interest in accompanying me. Anybody else wanting to join - most welcome - please contact on 98450 75543. Those wishing to attend may go through the postings at,


to understand the background.

Muralidhar Rao


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not in town ...

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I am out of town right now, or else I would have come for this.

Timing doesn't help (weekday middle of day), but anyone else (besides the three folks at present) joining Mr Rao for this one? Go guys, go.

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Week days :(

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Murali sir, I would have loved to join.. tough to take a break on weekdays :(


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Will try to escape from work for a few hours

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And if I managed to, will call you up before I get there. Don't wait on me pls...


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