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irresponsible way of carrying out the duties in voters registration

the ordeal we underwent is beyond explanation..the general  attitude of the people in the front office facing the public is highly callous and irresponsible. i don,t know if it is  a planned one or the people posted there were highly useless apartfrom their callousness and irresponsible attitude.any facilitation centre you ask, the public reply would only be "useless".i dont know how it happened and why it happened. but it did happen only in that way.bangaloreans got vexed because no voters  name and adresses have been correctly recorded and it needed correction everytime.that was the quality of the people engaged for this service.

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Despite complaints, why complacency ?

This is the reason why the Media has dubbed the electoral list as "The mother of all frauds" and it is continuing even after 14 LS elections. Is it that impossible to set right the systemic lacunae in the present days of technological innovations?

Expected voters LS 2009 election 1.2 billion population : 714 million - what is the basis for this figure?  Is it a true and fair voters figure? 

Sample these :

During 1999 elections: money spent - 880 crores but 30 + million people DID NOT EXERCISE their franchise; 

2004 elections: 1300 crores (temporary figure) - percentage of votes : between 55-60;

2009 elections: estimated spend - Rs.10,000 crores. 714 million voters - Will all them really vote?

Return on investment: HUNG verdict, minority-voters rule, unholy alliances, 'live-in' arrangements; jumping jackals; horse/donkeys trading,

There is a National awakening happening in this scheduled 2004 LS elections and millions of people who did not have EPICs are queing up to get their ID cards only to be made to run from pillar to post, suffer the inefficiency of the systemic controls and quagmires.  This is a very disturbing scenario and when Janata wants it, the EC should be happy and should have risen to the occasion and help democracy to shine with maximum percentage of voting that results in majority voters role and for creating a healthy and vibrant democratic/ political system. 

Has the citizen been responsible enough to ensure his name in the voters list well in advance, knowing fully well our systemic deficiencies? Unfortunately, there was no vibrancy but something is happneing and the undercurrent can be felt in small tremors across the country. This is sure to increase in its manifestation and will become a gale force that will sweep the political history of majority of the so called oldies and power mongers who are conducting various kinds of 'operations' and 'postmartems' to keep power with unabashed hidden agendas that flaunt 'hate' as the theme.

But  though EC office is a very sacred office but is a part time office with a skeleton full-time-staff. They always depend upon various specimens of unwilling government servants who does everything in a half baked fashion. The result is alround confounding confusions, disgust and ultimate result - the Voter saying - To Hell with Voting.

Yes EC, YOU CAN - It is never too late. Go to the door step of the harassed citizens, the coolies, the juggi jhopdiwallas who are the keepers of democracy and are regular voters, the ever busy techies, the housewives. In Mysore city, 4 persons who were acting as middle men to procure EPICs have been reported arrested - Report -  

Let the officials who have a sense of responsibility and helping nature,  help them fill relevant applications, let the Revenue Inspector / Revenue Officers be present around the street corners of every street, check, clear the applications, keep the mobile unit or persons with digital cameras handy, take snaps, print the cards and hand over the EPICs at their door step, because they are paying their taxes regularly and do not have the habit of asking what happened to their money. 

This grassroots level citizen-centric service will eliminate the much maligned accusation of allowing bogus entries in the volters list (Recently Bellary election office rejected thousands of applications out of 40,000 applications recieved for entry in the voters list).  In addition people will be happy and the EC's reputation will be honored.

Is somebody listening please?

- My qualification : A retired central government servant with 40 years service and has rendered assistance to the Election Commission in more than 6 General Elections and a number of Assembly elections and local bodies elections as Presiding Officer and having felt the gnawing pain at the sight of thousands of people who had to be refused voting right because their names were absent, entries wrong, address problem, proofs could not be produced, somebody had already voted - the list is long. 

- Your qualification: As a citizen of this greatest living democracy in the world and making great strides towards a nation of super powers, it is our duty to go all out at this juncture to set right the rot that has set in our abnoxious political system by being proactive.  So, get up, ensure your name even if it is with a little pain, go to the polling booth, take your family and friends, cast your constitutional right of exercising your franchise, create a majority voters rule that keeps all sections of the society happy, peaceful and contended without too much of stratification between the 'haves' and 'have nots', help to establish a strong and stable government at the center that will help us to amend the laws pertaining to elections to protect people from nepotism, corruption, dual standards.

Let us strive to include one clause " RECALL OF THE UNFIT" in our election rules, if an elected leader becomes a SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE within one year of his getting elected to the office of profit.

Whom to vote? VOTE TO THE LEAST CRIMINAL - read article by the undersigned in dated         15-3-09

All the best India

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath


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