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This workgroup helped BMTC to conceptualize, plan and market a monthly Bus Day event starting February 2010. The thought for Bus Day was seeded during the Mobilicity-2009 event organized by Praja.in in November 2009, and then taken forward with active support from various public transport lovers of Bengaluru, BMTC, Traffic Police, KSPCB, ORRCA, members of praja.in community and others. Bengaluru now observes a Bus Day on 4th day of every month.

The original objectives of BUS DAY event are as follows:

  1. Encourage more people to take the bus on that day instead of their private vehicles
  2. Get first hand information, feedback and data to analyze further for improvements in the PT system specially in BMTC service.
  3. Build confidence among Private Vehicle commuters to move to PT system

Praja members have taken up several activities across these Bus Days. These include:

  1. Help identify the corridors, Industrial Parks, big concentrated IT parks who could be the target for this event and its publicity
  2. Run campaigns on Praja website to gather inputs and feedback for BMTC
  3. Help identify the logistics that BMTC should put in place to make the commuter's experience a good one
  4. Help with route maps for target corridors, help design posters and fliers.
  5. Run publicity campaigns via email, SMS, personal pitch in their respective work places.
  6. Bring in other publicity vehicles for Bus Day like radio, TV and newspapers.
Praja RAAG

Bus Day Goes to School - Praja legacy lives on!

BusPublic Transport

July 4th Bus Day would be 16th Bus Day, a PT ritual that is being observed by BMTC and its faithful commuters since it was started in Feb 2010.

April 2011 Bus Day - with CM!?

BusPublic Transport

I have seen this ad in Citizen Matters. This is a call for those who want to join Bus day as volunteers. 

January Bus Day - cycles in the Bus!?

BusPublic Transport

Let us help BMTC re-enthuse Bus Day with support and new ideas for more experiments.

Was October Bus Day Different?

BusPublic Transport

As a monthly routine tried to lay my hands on news for this month's Bus Day. Only TOI had a some passing reference to today's Bus Day campaign.But BMTC website was boasting about todays bus day being unique. Is it really?

August Bus Day in IBN News!

BusPublic Transport

Actually I had totally forgotten the August Bus Day untill this morning I received an email from my nephew who lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania, US.


July Bus day - My best bus experience yet!!

BusPublic Transport

To me, today was the best bus day experience till-date. I travel by bus pretty often, so i must add that I have not had any more comfortable experience before.

I dont travel on the Bus Day focus corridors, travelling from Girinagar to office near Forum mall. I can travel by just one change (two buses), but always prefer to change more often than wait for specific buses. I just take any route that goes in the direction I am headed to.

Left home near Girinagar at 7:55AM. Reached the bus stop in no time. Had breakfast at a darshini bang next to the bus stop. Less than a couple of minutes of wait (8:05AM), I had a majestic bound bus arriving at the bus stop. Got down at Hanumantanagar and took a Shivajinagar bound bus (no wait time today, but usually 3-5 mins wait there). Got down at Lalbagh main gate, and in about 30 seconds time boarded a Anekal bound bus. Got down at Forum Mall a little before 8:40AM and walked into office by 8:45AM...

Bus Day Campaign - Need Minds & Hands!!

BusPublic Transport
26 Jun 2010 08:30
26 Jun 2010 10:00

Heres some fun activity followed by lot more fun activity!!

Update: The video campaign is put off for now. A separate notification will be posted on Praja whenever it happens!! The effort to meet and get the buy-in of corporators will go  ahead as planned.

Event 1: Video Campaign

We have to build some short videos as Bus Day online campaign material. The intent is to showcase advantages of taking the bus, in short and crisp videos (may be 10 sec to 1min duration). The 'shoot' is planned for Saturday, 26th June from 8:30am to 10am. We need volunteers to enact in the clips. We need men and women - old, young & middle-aged, able to speak 'minimal' English or Kannada. And yes, ideas and storylines for the videos are also welcome. Hope to see atleast 10 people!!

Venue: Shantinagar Bus Stand (tentative). From there, we may hop on to a 'exclusive' Bus to shoot the videos!!

And yes, We need a good camcoder and a interested/skilled 'video'grapher. Any volunteers?

Event 2: Corporators Campaign!!

July Bus Day - moved to 7th July

BusPublic Transport
7 Jul 2010

Folks, get ready to take the Bus again!!

July Bus day will NOT be on the 4th of July, since its a Sunday. Instead, it will be on Monday, the 5th of July. 7th July, moved out in light of Bharat Bandh.

This time round, there are two more corridors being added for Bus Day, making it a total of 7 corridors. The list of corridors

  1. Old Madras Road
  2. Old Airport Road
  3. Sarjapura Road/ORR,
  4. Hosur Road
  5. Bannergatta Road
  6. Tumkur Raod
  7. Mysore Road

As usual, don't forget post your experinces here on Praja!!


BMTC Feeder service to City Railway Stations!

BusPublic Transport

Deccan Herald carried a news item quoting BMTC about its plans to start a feeder service connecting BMTC Bus Stand and the City Railway Station.

Routes introduced after February 2010

BusPublic Transport

Following routes came into existence after the first bus day in Bangalore City by BMTC

Bus Day - need an anchor from Praja side

Praja related

Few members continue to work in their own ways to support BMTC on Bus Day. But after the first few Bus Days, we have missed an "anchor" from Praja community side who could spend time with BMTC (via phone, email or meetings) to get details on next Bus Day, as well as pass our feedback and suggestions.

Calling for a Bus Day anchor from Praja communtiy side. Job description and perks if you will:

  • Get to represent all of us (Praja members) at BMTC. Get a real opportunity to understand public transportation systems and issues.
  • If needed, speak to the media to convey summary of our discussions and suggestions here.
  • Get your own special "praja.in" email id.
  • Control and Manage the Bus Day corner on this web-site

This won't be a job for life or anything like that, can rotate between multiple people as well if groups of people want to do this on a shared basis.

Leave a comment here to reply (that's the true Praja way, open and public), or drop us an email (admin at praja dot in) if you would be interested.

A perfect Bus Day this time, almost!

It certainly got better for me this time. Can't take the bus regularly to work because of the last mile problem (HAL airport to CV Raman Nagar, no bus, no shuttles to rely upon). So the Bus Days for me are Auto rickshaw haggle days as well.

But not this time. 314AA, a new route, goes all the way from Whitefield to Bagmane Tech Park. Too good to be true, but I was at my bus stop at 8.25, and a 314AA showed up at 8.30 am (as was told and promised by 'someone'). Nice Marco Polo equipment, 12 Rs only all the way to Bagmane Tech Park, aha!

The route is an iffy one though. Airport Road is one thing, and Kaggadaspura Main Road another. Spent 20-25 minutes (!!) to cross the narrow stretch near Railway crossing, and reached Bagmane bus stand only at 9.40 am. Got off 314AA, and hopped on to the Tech Park shuttle which circles inside the campus every 5-10 minutes. 9.50, in my office. Route Map here, red dot is where the that 25 minute jam happened.

June 4 - Bus day is on

BusPublic Transport
4 Jun 2010

Not much time to interface with BMTC for this month's event, though I am sre Jenny and some others have been on. The Bus Day is very much on for June 4th.

Bus Day campaign needs a named "anchor". If Srivatsava or Bharat or someone else can just keep in touch with BMTC and posting updates from them, that should be good enough. Once in a while meetings with BMTC too will help.

Bus Day - May 4th

BusPublic Transport
4 May 2010

Back to 4th of the month, May bus day is indeed on the 4th date of May.

  • What new experiements or announcements will we see from BMTC?
  • How has BMTC been addressing the volumes of feedback Bus Day event has been generating?
  • Will newly elected corporators join the Bus Day band wagon, and help BMTC improve its information systems and services?

Let us all take the bus once again on the 4th of May, and keep sending feedbacks, posiive or negative to BMTC.


Bus Day - feedback and Suggestion

BusPublic Transport
24 Apr 2010 10:00
24 Apr 2010 11:00

We have a meeting fixed up with BMTC to discuss the feedback recieved over the last three Bus days, the lessons learnt, the actions/initiaves taken by BMTC in adressing the issues and any suggestions that can be taken up for the further editions of the Bus Day.

Venue: BMTC Office, Shantinagar Bus Interchange

Time : 10AM -11AM.

BMTC Conveys its thanks to all the Praja Community for Bus Day Support!

BusPublic Transport

Came across the news release from BMTC thanking all the patrons who have supported their Bus Day campaign.

A special mention is there for Praja and all the members who have been supporting right from day one. The release says


BMTC thanks all citizens who travelled by Bus!
BMTC is grateful to the below individuals/ associations/ companies for making Bus day a success!........."
"...... * Praja - Online Youth Activist Portal: Special Thanks to Syed, Pranav, Jenny, Narayan, Vinod, Srivatsava, Bharath, Manjhari and all the other members who helped BMTC behind the scenes...."

 "........Congratulations once again to the:
a) Teams who went to all these corridors to promote bus day and engage with the citizens
b) BMTC Drivers, Conductors and Staff for successfully supporting Bus Day operations  ...."

This release is available here

Bus Day publicity suggestion

BusPublic Transport


I feel the mass publicity for this excellent idea of Bus Day is still lacking. The awareness of the event is still restricted to a very less percentage of people.

To improve this, I suggest that a mass SMS campaign be run two days before the next few "Bus Days", that is, on 2nd and 3rd of every month.

Since the traffic police is also actively encouraging the Bus Day, the SMS can be sent from the ACP (traffic) to all the Mobile phones in the city. This is the easiest, cheapest, and environment friendly mass publicity we can achieve.






What's on FM radio about Bus Day this week!?

BusPublic Transport

Just to keep all in the loop about what's on air about bus day.... 94.3 , radio one, started Monday this week.


Route Search is available on BMTC Website

BusPublic Transport

Happened to visit the BMTC website to check if anything has changed. Got a surprise to find that its link for 'Route Search' is active and it did allows route search.

Searched few routes and seems to the results presented were correct and useful. here is the link for BMTC route Search


Vinod,s8, srivatsava, manish, could you all pls check this out and report if this feature reports the correct routes and people can rely on the results for planning their travel in Bengaluru.


April Bus Day - date changed to 7th

BusPublic Transport
7 Apr 2010

Can we try something different this time? Get celebrities in? Request some radio channels to publicize the event?

Watch for and join some planing meetings prior to this Bus Day. If you been watching so far, BMTC is here to help, listen and act. Use Bus Day as the medium to give constructive feedback.

Take the Bus, its your city, and your environment.

busday_banner.jpg14.96 KB


Interesting Experiment - Microsoft Bus

"... Microsoft recently started bus service for employees at Bangalore. Employees can start work from the bus itself and their office hours counts from the time they start work in the bus. Same way total working hours of the day calculate based on at what time they stopped work in the bus. Traffic jam in Bangalore is quite normal and company do not want to waste the time of the employees in roads..."

For more click on the link below.

Courtesy - http://neetzzz.blogspot.com/2008/10/microsoft-bus-in-bangalore.html

Bus to Mysore on NICE Road connecting Kanakapura Road

 Dear All,

It takes hardly 2 hrs from NICE road to Mysore that connects to Kanakapura Road. But we have to spend atleast 2-3 hrs to reach Majestic or Viajaynagar (Terminus) to catch the Mysore bus. If there is bus from NICE road connecting Kanakapura Road, by the time we reach Majestic or Vijayanagar Terminus we can reach Mysore. This is need of the hour, why still there are no buses on this road?

Hoping positive action on this.




Sodexho / Ticket Pass acceptance in Buses for Promotion

If Sodexho and Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers can be renamed as meal and public transport voucher and can be accepted in BMTC as well as BMRCL in future, it could generate more PT riders.

On the bus day, it can be used as a promotion factor to accept Sodexho / Ticket Restaurant meal voucher.


With Respect to buses going to Central Bus Stands they can be integrated with few routes starting from there Eg: 2/88,2/99B etc and the few buses from that route can also be run on the corressponding route. Hence when one side of the bus stand gets blocked due to traffic the other side bus can take over the same and maintain the schedule. Eg:If Corporation side is affected by traffic jam the bus from the other side can ease of the load of bus coming from that side. Proper integration is required so that commuters do not suffer.

Also one more thing is make the buses two-shift and abloish the general shift. If general shift has to be maintained,then a second shift/night shift can be operated or a 1/2  shift can be operated using the buses i.e B/w 7PM-10PM. This will result in more buses running through evening hours also.

Nowadays people use buses even after 9PM. So a 3-shift schedule can be created which will help more buses running between 9-12. 1.5 times fare can be levied from 10PM-12AM.


Except the regular newspaper readers, only a handful number of people would be aware of the 'Bus Day'. Hence, steps should be taken to make the public aware of the same.

Public Transport is scarcely used in the Central Business District Area (like the MG,Residency rd etc) where elite people work. Therefore, all the companies and institutions there, must be issued notices to urge their staff to use the PT for that day, there by spreading the information. 

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