BMTC Feeder service to City Railway Stations!

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Deccan Herald carried a news item quoting BMTC about its plans to start a feeder service connecting BMTC Bus Stand and the City Railway Station.

"...A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is in the offing between the BMTC and the South-Western Railways to introduce free mini bus services between the city railway station and the BMTC bus stand.

Passengers now have to rely on auto services to get to the bus stand. They are charged Rs 14, the minimum fare, for the half a kilometre distance between the bus stand and the railway station.

But within a week’s time, three mini buses would ply between the two stops from 5 am to 10 pm every day. The Corporation is also planning to launch bus services from Yeshwanthpur and Cantonment railway stations to different destinations in the city and a fleet of 40 buses will be on service..."

Courtesy - Deccan Herald

Any body remember this? Around this time last year, Praja team had made a presentation to BMTC suggesting such feeder service. Hope BMTC does it right and continues it.



Long waited...

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Atlast we are able to get this after a long wait... A big sigh of relief. I was not taking train due to problem of reaching railway station. It is no more now...

A blue swaraj mazda gas been

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A blue swaraj mazda gas been spotted entering railway station with the letters "Free service" . Hopefully now many people can come over to majestic and take a bus  home rather than walking to majestic or citing the same reason for taking an auto-it will save us from being at the  mercy of auto drivers


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It is a great relief to have shuttle buses bet. City Rly. Stn. and Bus Stn. I read in TOI that City Station also will have 40 buses to various destinations. These can be of Vayu Vajra type with provision for luggage.

Ultimately when the Majestic Bus Station is revamped there should be seamless interchange bet. trains/ BMTC buses/KSRTC buses and Metro trains.


 Railway Passengers to get Volvo Ride

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 Passengers to get Volvo connectivtiy soon-BMTC plans to start off with Yeshvantapur railway station and is waiting for the permission for the same. it first plans by diverting Volvo 258C bound to Nelamangla via the station


For more news on same

KBS- SBC Station Shuttle - More publicity needed

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Railway station to Majestic shuttle has been introduced after a long battle with Railways. It is free of cost. Please use that in case of travelling by Train:

 The bus seems to have few

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 The bus seems to have few takers in this case-but the yeshvantapur one was unrequired because the station has been given an enterance point(Broken wall) just across the Govardhan theatre stop-and BMTC buses never skip the stop-My cousin who travelled recenlty found it quite comfortable entering through platform 6-and one more advantage is that there is a track level cement ramp going upto PF-1 at this end. SO if people are made aware of this probably yeshvantapur free service may be discontinued. 

The one between majestic and city is much needed one-also we have buses like 80H(Nandini layout),61A(Chandra layout),25(BTM layout) which are spotted many times in the railway station with absoultely no takers-No idea when BMTC knows that publicity is quite important. 

The swaraj mazdas will be beneficial for especially the aged who cannot walk all way to the bus stand from Rly station-location of stop at station is also quite fine-close to auto stand-If people are made aware of this service it would seriously be a huge revenue to BMTC. 

  SO if people are made aware

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  SO if people are made aware of this probably yeshvantapur free service may be discontinued

Only people arriving from west of Yeswantpur can use the hole in the wall. Everybody else from north, east and south have to run across the highway risking their life and limb. Atleast city station has a subway across the road, how do you believe the elderly and people with luggage cross the Tumkur highway?

 Simple-we just have to write

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 Simple-we just have to write a letter to BBMP requesting them for a pedestrian subway across this strech-the mater will be solved and bus can be used for some other purpose-we have so many buses from Majestic in routes between 250 and 265 connecting the Govardhan and also buses from Kengeri/Vijayanagar etc coming to yeshvantapur which also have a stop there. So a subway construction by BBMP on lines of one at Nrupthunga road should solve the issue to great extent. 

Not so simple

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Subway will create more problems than it solves.

The rail passengers, esp. Sr. Citizens, woman and children with their unavoidable luggage will not find it easy to alight from the bus, walk to the subway entrance, climb down, negotiate the subway with wet and slippery surface, climb up again, walk to the Station entrance and further search for the platform which again may involve climbing up and down.

What is needed is- the buses should be diverted to a bus bay inside the station compound close to the entrance of the Railway station.Dedicated Volvo services like the Air port services will be more convenient to carry luggage.


Whats good for the goose

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 requesting them for a pedestrian subway across this strech-the mater will be solved

This subway across the road already exists in city railway station then why the shuttle there?


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Please see my earlier post.

The subway at City Rly Stn./Bus stn. is not user friendly and impossible to be used by Sr. Citizens, women/children with luggage etc. After long correspondence the shuttle service is introduced, but Volvo service is yet to start for direct use.


I agree with Pathy Sir

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 It is very tiring to walk all the way from KBS to SBC along with luggage. We have to climb up to take the foot over bridge, walk down to ground level and again below ground level to use the subway, walk all the way in unclean and messy subway, again climb up, walk on the lengthy compound of Railway station, take ticket again climb stairs to cross the platforms. 

For this reason, many do not take trains at SBC and few  prefer to use Intercity Buses.

 How about ropeway service?

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 How about ropeway service? Sounds funny? You see :

1) It will not require people to walk

2 It can be made  to run on clean energy

3) It does not create more road traffic

4) It will be point to point , no traffic signals, jaywalker hazards

5) Majestic view of majestic :)

update:  I think Pathy's concerned will be addressed by this system (ie elders, kids, luggages, ecofriendly etc)

Any thoughts ?

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Oh God, Bheema :)

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Ropeway, 5-10 people at a time, holding and inconvenience during each load and unload time, Ropeway sounds like a bit much Bheema!

One long underground with motorized walkways (can't get the word for those horizontal escalators) and escalators could do it. Or just add escalators to the existing subway, and the motorized walkway before and after the subway, you could make things a lot easier.

But the point is - Majestic Bus terminal is going to go away very soon. Why invest anything on the Bus Terminal at all? Its better to bother about connect with Majestic Metro station. Whats the plan there?

And if Majestic is actually going to go away, what's the plan for Bus connect at SBC?

Access to Inter-city station platforms

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Re. access for passengers to platforms in train stations, there is one factor that is being missed out when comparisons are drawn with stations in other cities. None of the stations in Bangalore (City, Cantonment, Yesvantpur, KRPuram, Byp, etc) have rail tracks ending /beginning at the station - all of them are thus, theoretically "way stations", with tracks leading both ways.

Compare this with stations in Mumbai: CST-Fort, LMT-Kurla, or even Churchgate, which is a suburban-rail-only terminal. Tracks "end" at all these "terminals". Dadar is the only "way station" where inter-city trains start /end in Mumbai.

Or Chennai: Central, or Beach - tracks "end" at these "terminals". Egmore is the only "way station" for inter-city trains in Chennai.


The point is when tracks "end" at stations, the area beyond at the same level can be used for passenger movements & there will be no need for bridges or subways to cross tracks & access different platforms. Thus, providing access for passengers to various platforms becomes simplified & easy, & it is very convenient for passengers.

When stations have tracks leading both ways, the only option to provide access is by way of overhead bridges or subways - this makes it inconvenient for passengers. Escalators are an option as are elevators, similar to rail stations abroad, but Indian railways is yet to fit these.

The subway between city bus terminus & railway station in Majestic is actually better than the one outside churchgate stn in mumbai (for crossing road/s) since the height there is larger.

I doubt if travellators from the new /revamped bus terminus will be provided directly to bridge level for people to descend down directly to various station platforms since anyone would then be able to get to the platforms without tickets. It can also be a security risk.

Feeder buses to Cantt and other stations

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I feel feeder buses should target the railway passengers arriving rather than departing passengers. A Bangalorean would not mind a few minutes more waiting for PT buses after getting down a train ( since there is no deadline ) but prefer own transport / Autos to catch a train ( since you have to reach the station in time). Also, auto drivers cheat more when you have to go away from the station than going to the station (since the return trip is more or less assured from the station).

So based on these, it would be better for BMTC to run feeder buses from Cantt, Y'pur, and Kengeri to the nearest big bus stand.

In case of Cantt, majority of the trains come in the early morning (before 8 am). Volvo buses are idle at that time. BMTC can make a killing running buses from Cantt to places like K'mangala, Jayanagar 4th block , Shanti Nagar, Indira Nagar. Between 5 a.m. and 8, a bus can make atleast 5 trips ( considering very low traffic at that time). With a bus load of 50 passengers, a trip can make 1500/- (assuming ticket price of rs 30/-).

This will spell the death-knell for Autos ;-)





@SB : Re: Oh God, Bheema

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Sometimes if no other ideas seems practicle such wild ideas creep in mind, sometimes not practical. Just putting in Praja, so that other minds come up with refinement or altered versions of idea. Hope Prajas ok with me as an object :) 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"