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Bus Day Goes to School - Praja legacy lives on!

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July 4th Bus Day would be 16th Bus Day, a PT ritual that is being observed by BMTC and its faithful commuters since it was started in Feb 2010.

April 2011 Bus Day - with CM!?

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I have seen this ad in Citizen Matters. This is a call for those who want to join Bus day as volunteers. 

January Bus Day - cycles in the Bus!?

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Let us help BMTC re-enthuse Bus Day with support and new ideas for more experiments.

Was October Bus Day Different?

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As a monthly routine tried to lay my hands on news for this month's Bus Day. Only TOI had a some passing reference to today's Bus Day campaign.But BMTC website was boasting about todays bus day being unique. Is it really?

August Bus Day in IBN News!

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Actually I had totally forgotten the August Bus Day untill this morning I received an email from my nephew who lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania, US.


July Bus day - My best bus experience yet!!

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To me, today was the best bus day experience till-date. I travel by bus pretty often, so i must add that I have not had any more comfortable experience before.

I dont travel on the Bus Day focus corridors, travelling from Girinagar to office near Forum mall. I can travel by just one change (two buses), but always prefer to change more often than wait for specific buses. I just take any route that goes in the direction I am headed to.

Left home near Girinagar at 7:55AM. Reached the bus stop in no time. Had breakfast at a darshini bang next to the bus stop. Less than a couple of minutes of wait (8:05AM), I had a majestic bound bus arriving at the bus stop. Got down at Hanumantanagar and took a Shivajinagar bound bus (no wait time today, but usually 3-5 mins wait there). Got down at Lalbagh main gate, and in about 30 seconds time boarded a Anekal bound bus. Got down at Forum Mall a little before 8:40AM and walked into office by 8:45AM...

Bus Day Campaign - Need Minds & Hands!!

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26 Jun 2010 08:30
26 Jun 2010 10:00

Heres some fun activity followed by lot more fun activity!!

Update: The video campaign is put off for now. A separate notification will be posted on Praja whenever it happens!! The effort to meet and get the buy-in of corporators will go  ahead as planned.

Event 1: Video Campaign

We have to build some short videos as Bus Day online campaign material. The intent is to showcase advantages of taking the bus, in short and crisp videos (may be 10 sec to 1min duration). The 'shoot' is planned for Saturday, 26th June from 8:30am to 10am. We need volunteers to enact in the clips. We need men and women - old, young & middle-aged, able to speak 'minimal' English or Kannada. And yes, ideas and storylines for the videos are also welcome. Hope to see atleast 10 people!!

Venue: Shantinagar Bus Stand (tentative). From there, we may hop on to a 'exclusive' Bus to shoot the videos!!

And yes, We need a good camcoder and a interested/skilled 'video'grapher. Any volunteers?

Event 2: Corporators Campaign!!

July Bus Day - moved to 7th July

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7 Jul 2010

Folks, get ready to take the Bus again!!

July Bus day will NOT be on the 4th of July, since its a Sunday. Instead, it will be on Monday, the 5th of July. 7th July, moved out in light of Bharat Bandh.

This time round, there are two more corridors being added for Bus Day, making it a total of 7 corridors. The list of corridors

  1. Old Madras Road
  2. Old Airport Road
  3. Sarjapura Road/ORR,
  4. Hosur Road
  5. Bannergatta Road
  6. Tumkur Raod
  7. Mysore Road

As usual, don't forget post your experinces here on Praja!!


BMTC Feeder service to City Railway Stations!

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Deccan Herald carried a news item quoting BMTC about its plans to start a feeder service connecting BMTC Bus Stand and the City Railway Station.

Routes introduced after February 2010

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Following routes came into existence after the first bus day in Bangalore City by BMTC comment guidelines

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