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Loudspeaker menace

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A high court division bench headed by CJ Vikramajit Sen has given a week’s time to the Bangalore police commissioner to explain what action his department has initiated against illegal use of loudspeakers at religious places in the city. “If the same is not given, we will have to call the commissioner,” the bench said. “Your job is to uphold the law regardless of what be the reason. It is like this analogy: I have the right to swing my arm. But it stops when your face comes in the way. When you can take action, why do you want a complaint to be filed?” the bench asked and told the authorities to take action in an impartial manner.

For the report in the ToI, click here.

Long overdue. Again, though, it required the judiciary to pull up the executive. Can we hope for a respite from such nuisances also, in the process?

Muralidhar Rao


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Help!! NGOs and Government Orgs in Blore working against noise!

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Can we pass laws and have our police provide the same facilities as our neighbouring country Mumbai?

It would also help if we had a competent Supreme Court in our country like Mumbai.

I am looking for NGOs or GOs that are empowered to stop loudspeakers & other noisemakers in our country: Bengaluru.

Such as in Mumbai:

Mumbai Police SMS Service: 7738 133 133 / 7738 144 144


Noise Pollution Complaint in Mumbai
SMS your complaint, mentioning exact location of noise, causes, consequences (if any), the exact time since the noise has been persisting and also some identification of the party or group causing the noise.


Mumbai Police Noise Pollution Helpline 022-22633333


And Garbage City IT pundits are not able to create a website for Bengaluru Police?

I'm also surprised that our cops are not interested in making money collecting fines using a cheap noise meter.

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