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Garbage Bump by so called educated People @ Malleshwaram

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Public Health

Just look at the photo attached, this is 7th Main Road, between 9th and 10th cross malleswaram, the garbage and some filth is lying here for the past couple of days and not being cleaned up by BBMP. Added to this, the houses nearby throw the garbage on this instead of walking few meters to the Garbage Dump Area, you need to note that the people throw are all well educated and decent families, they are behaving like illiterates and inviting stray dogs, deceases.



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Garbage Disposal is not an ordinary issue

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 There is no doubt that the garbage disposal [GD] is a challenging job. It requires scientific techniques used in time motion studies. Also Garbage consists of variety of items which are a mixture of degradable and not so degradable and also harm full and not so harm full to the environment, items. GD is thus a highly technical issue. Each house hold needs to separate wet and dry Garbage. Wet can be buried safely. Dry is more challenging, to dispose. 

There are people going round in the early morning in the streets of Bangalore, to collect some dry garbage items which are of value. These poor people depend on this for their lively hood. 

In Phoenix Arizona where I lived for a month, a truck used to come daily to collect Garbage. The civic authority had given two trolleys to each house hold to collect these separately. Each house hold needed to put the correct trolley on alternate days on the front pavement each day, before the trucks arrival. These trucks used to come regularly without fail each day. All this planning and execution costs money. Finally, we do get what we deserve. 

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success Story - Waste Disposal

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An intersting success story about  waste disposal



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