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DAKSH report on democracy and governance in Karnataka

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DAKSH (a registered civil society organization committed to enhancing citizens’ engagement with issues of democracy, governance, and equity) undertook a review of democracy and governance in Karnataka, as a way for a citizen’s group to engage with the democratic structures and processes at a state level. Their SUMMARY REPORT focuses on assessing the overall functioning of the government which came to power in June 2008, and encompasses issues pertaining to the period between June 2008 and November 2009. The details in the report are collected from an analysis of data from the Govt via RTI, annual reports of various departments, newspaper reports and topical reports and reviews by various national agencies and NGOs.

The report consists of three sections: 1) Performance of MLAs in the Legislative Assembly;  2) Review of Administration, Policies and Programmes;  3) A survey of Citizens’ Perceptions of Important Issues and Performance of Elected Representatives. It may be accessed here.

Daksh is encouraging the public to read and share the details of this report widely. They have further stated that a detailed report will be available on the Daksh website ( shortly.

At the outset, my hearty congrats to the Daksh team on an excellent effort. I am sure PRAJA members will be happy to give their feedback here, and perhaps directly to

Muralidhar Rao


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bus services not an issue?

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The survey results indicate that the six most important issues for people, across the state are electric supply, water supply, employment opportunities, training for jobs, reservation for jobs and education, and educational facilities.

Power supply being the biggest concern across the state is not quite surprising, and the solution perhaps lies here.

But, what surprises me most is that "inadequate/ poor bus services" have not shown up to be an area of concern. I am sure there's a mistake here. And, my suggestion for a possible solution to the serious problems in this key infrastructure is outlined here

Muralidhar Rao
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No mistake

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what surprises me most is that "inadequate/ poor bus services" have not shown up to be an area of concern. I am sure there's a mistake here 

This is no mistake, Clearly there is no dependency on PT as most people have moved on to own vehicles and use that primarily.

If there was a choice in El & Water be assured there will be no complaints there either people will move on to alternatives which work. Education is one area where demand is always more than supply. For our kind of population we need a different model for education infra to be scalable. We need to encourage open universities and non standard schooling with acceptability.

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Damning report

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That transport does not feature in this is the least of our worries.  The rest of the report around building democratic institutions, handling of droughts and floods and even the governments "achievements doesn't really look good.  I, of course, am not for the ruling party and hence my views will be coloured.  So much for our CM promising us "development".

Read in the Hindu today that Karnataka has the highest % of BPL people among the southern states at 33%.  Add this data to the report above and it tells us a sorry picture of how badly our (mis)governance is affecting people's lives.

Pardon my stupidity, but I could not make sense of the graphs.  I can understand the importance and the performance.  But the gap seems to be calculated as 10-importance-performance.  Why?  I thought it was on a 5 point scale.  And then there is a 0,50%,100% at the bottom?  What does that refer to?




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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went through the summary, good read

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Made a great reading. Excellent work.

Was expecting to see a little more of stats, but the summary seems to be qualititative at some places and data based at some. Law and order section, environment section have highlighted incidents more than data driven overview or trend (like some numbers on spends, FIR numbers, environmental approval counts, processing time, air quality reports from a few areas, case resolution data etc) .

Look forward to the full report real soon. Wouldn't it be great if the full was report hosted here on Praja website itself and available for reference. Will try ask Daksh guys if we can take parts of report and post here on gyan as separate posts.

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bus service - very much an issue

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Minister's submission in the legislative council:

As many as 6,395 villages lack bus service, and bad roads are the reasons. North Karnataka region is better compared to southern areas.
As many as 1,265 villages in Shimoga, 908 in Tumkur and 659 in Chitradurga are deprived of bus service. Transport minister R Ashoka told that the government will run buses to these villages once the roads become motorable.
To stop people from travelling atop vehicles, the government will remove ladders fixed in the rear of most passenger vehicles.

For the full text in the TOI, click here.

The government only talks - never does! On top of it all, is the dog in the manger attitude of not allowing the people themselves (unfortunately labelled private sector, though they are the real public sector) to come in to meet the gap between the demand and the supply, both in bus services and road building


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