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Response from KSRTC

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[This is a response Praja has received from CMM of KSRTC. We are publishing it as received. - admin]

Comments on Praja: "The KSRTC webiste is quite badly designed. It is often hard to find whether there is a bus between any two points. Also, one has to log in and register before being able to find out whetehr there is a bus between two points."


Dear Sir,

The website is upgraded and provided with more search and booking facilities in the home page.

  • Dynamic Service search – “Book your tickets” – in the form of text box: By providing From and To place one can search availability of services and further details.  To avoid type mismatch, intelligence system is included in this system, if 3 letters are entered, system will provide drop down list of places matching with those characters to choose and select available of services.
  • Map based service search- Map based service search facility is provided in the home page to make it more user friendly. Basically premium services like Airavat (Volvo), Rajahamsa are provided with map based search.
  • Check for Volvo services/statewise/placewise – in the form of Drop down box-   Further to make it more user friendly, Volvo services are provided in the form of dropdown box. By search criteria like state and destination, one can easily search the Volvo service details.
  • Login/registration for booking: To concentrate more on genuine customer, login facility is included to avoid more load on database from unauthorized/unwanted person to access the database.  And also to restrict number of users from malicious actors on application, login features are included in the system instead of open ended format.

Finally, we would like to convey that we are working on upgradation of website to make it more user friendly.

With regards,


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This website is already completing 5 yrs, need complet revamp

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This website KSRTC  AWATAR  Online  ticket booking was launched in May''2006.  As the demands of customer need to be considered, its good that they are on  upgradation of website to make it more user friendly.

Even IRCTC has done the major changs to their website recently six months back.


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KSRTC website

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When I try to open the advance booking page I get the message-'Server is busy'.

They should improve the capacity to avoid such inconvenience.

Also general info, maps, route details etc can be given seperately.

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