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Bus Day survey on BMTC

So may be you would try a Bus on the Bus day. And perhaps, you would return disappointed. Or it could be that come Bus day or Fuss day, you just can't get yourself to try BMTC for your commute. Either way, join in and take this short and simple survey and tell BMTC about Bus Commute experience or lack of it.

Survey is pretty simple, just list down your reasons for not considering BMTC for your daily commute. Or, if you already do that, tell them what would make them do better.

Note: Surevy posted on behalf of Bus Day project. Members of Bus Day project will be forwarding the summary of this survey to BMTC. Only aggregated results will be shared, individual details (IP address, praja user name etc) will NOT be shared with BMTC or anyone, ever.

These are considered by some to be primary set of reasons for many to pick two wheeler or car over bus for their commute. Please select maximum of 3 items from the list.
Indirect or other 'soft' reasons for many to not consider the bus for daily commute. Please select maximum of 2 items from the list.
If we missed listing some big ones in the list above, primary reasons or indirect ones, please list them here, one item per line.


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Thanks DNA and Prakash Belawadi for the report.

Read this report only now, so this is a bit late. But, on behalf of several members who did some work behind the scenes for Bus Day, let us thank DNA for the mention (unlike some other papers who make it a point to rip out from such reports, what insecrity if you think a boring enthusiast-only website like ours can be thought of as competition. Anyway).

Credit is all BMTC's though, they did most of the hardwork, and are game to do it on monthly basis, all this after knowing fully well that this event is tailored towards the set of people (car users) who will go to lengths to explain why they don't like taking the bus. Not all of them though, or else we wouldn't have had any support for the Bus Day.

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DNA Article about Bus day

Here is the link to the DNA article about the busday initiative, partnered by Praja. See page-12.

Here the link for online version:

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Next Bus Day - Few Initiatives

Next month Bus Day, few suggestions:

1. Run Marcopolo or Volvo running to Majestic from all most all the localities one trip of one bus to ITPL and one trip of another bus to EC.

2. Also run Express two or three schedules of JNNURM low floor buses to EC and ITPL from all the possible localities.

3. Run this for a week instead of one day and gradually get the people addicted.

Routes should be published in the local bus stops.

Currently too many stops  for buses  and the crowd as well is the major de-attracting portion of Volvos run to IT sector.


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Today's DNA Article Says to run luxury buses to rich

Today, an article in DNA says to run luxurious buses to cater to rich to reduce the traffic.

There is a lot of admiration of in the article. Will post the link, I read the hard copy.

But,  we all know how this type of experiment with Volvos proved very costly to BMTC. Reduction of fares are serving the purpose to the middle class people and now it is a win win situation.

Otherwise, running bus to the rich  class of people as was done earlier, there was not enough buses to passengers, not enough passengers to buses.


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Need more to take this, results so far,

Survey is getting lost in the sea of posts here, so a reminder to those who missed it to take it. Here is how the submissions look right now, I don't think the trend will change with more votes.

1 First Set
Availability of information on routes and schedules 37
Bus stand is too far from home/office 14
Bus takes longer than my car or 2-wheeler 13
Crowded and uncomfortable ride 18
No 'good' service on my route (Vajra, Big10 etc) 17
No bus to get back if I stay at office till late 32
No direct route from home to office 39
Unreliable or infrequent schedules 34
Well, I am a happy BMTC commuter, don't ask me all this please 5
2 Second Set
Can't carry my cycle on the Bus 7
Dirty and sad bus stands, don't like waiting there 28
Hate to haggle with Autos for last 2 few km of my commute 31
No direct route, and it is very hard to change buses 40
Tickets are expensive 4
Unfriendly Bus staff 5
Very hard to walk to and from the Bus Stands 11
Very uncool to be seen as a Bus Commuter 2
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all must take this, please

Please do us all a favor by

  1. Filling this survey yourself, will take not more than 2 minutes to do it
  2. Forwardint the link to your friends and colleagues

Express your BMTC frustrations, and Bus Day project team will convey it to BMTC.

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Survey is open to all

You don't have to be a registered member of Praja website to take the survey. For leaving a comment here though, you need to register. comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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