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Mayor shelves road widening

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Just happened to come across this news from couple of weeks ago. BBMP Mayor finally shelves the road widening plans. Temporarily? Your guess is as good as mine.

Aug/6 - Chronicle:  

Addressing a press conference Mr Nataraj said BBMP and property owners themselves were free to erase the red markings on buildings and houses in the core areas of the city for the time being. “Roads will be widened only in the newly added areas and where people themselves feel it is neccessary,” he said.

....... the mayor said he had written to the state government to earmark 20 per cent of BDA sites for a rehabilitation package for those who stood to lose 90 % of their property.

“If the government fails to respond positively road widening will be aborted,” he promised

So, does this mean they will proceed if government agrees to earmark BDA sites? What a contradiction. Our leaders have become the masters of saying both yes and no in the same breath, and we have become the masters of beliving what they say.

He also revealed that a scientific survey would be conducted from September onwards to zero in on the roads
that need to be widened. After the survey, members of Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) and others would be consulted before the work began.
“Only If 90 % of the people agree on widening a particular stretch, will it be taken up,” Mr Nataraj added.

Whether we believe or not, we should at least put pressure on them to follow their words. 


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temporary stoppage of road widening

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this news of temporary or permanent stopage of road widening is entirely not good news to me.

true road widening should  not be haphazard; but in q large number of cases roads required to be widened; I feel that in quite a few cases roads required to be widened becaues of commercilaisation of residential area, for which citizens / residents of that area are required to be blamed; 

My suggestion is

(a) scientific survey of road widening is welcome

(b) road widening should go hand in hand with making the roads signal free 

(c) roads can be widened on one side so as to reduce excessive felling of trees

(d) widened roads should be concretised

many thanks

Srinath Heragu

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1) Only roads which carry public transport should be eligible to even be looked at as a case for widening. 

2) After widening 6 feet of uninterrupted pedestrian walkway should be gauranteed on either or each side of the road else the road should be closed for all kinds of traffic

3) Widened road should be thrown open for mixed use with metered street parking and if it is within a residential area should be the only road which has mixed use.

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Signal-free roads should be provided with alternative facility for pedeastrians to cross the roads at every bus stop and at least at intervals of not more than 500meters.

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