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BMRCL - Work Zone Disparities

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See this Hindu Report on Namma Metro's work on Vidhana Veedhi. 

Last night I had a first hand experience of ongoing Metro work in many places. First the non-road and resulting chaos on Kanakapura Road. Then the not-so-bad stretch that is a smaller mess along few stretches on the RV Road. On my way back, the model stretch in front of Vidhana Soudha and then in the end, the ugly one on Mysore Road. 

Contrast couldn't have been starker. I couldn't believe my eyes to see well lit signs (though some didn't make sense), flourescent markers along the High Court work-zone. Do we think Metro can't do it better? Why can't similar planning and execution be done elsewhere? It is probably so becuase we don't ask for any better. Now that we have a gleaming example, I'm drafting a letter to Mr Sivasailam. 


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Disparity on Road Works at Metro Sites

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Hi Ravi,

You have posted this on March 28, 2011, however I happened to see it now, so thought of replying to it.

We can't blame everything BMRCL. They have hundred of things to monitor.  The relaying of roads or diversion roads on Metro stretch is left to the contractor who does metro work in one particular stretch.  In Yeswantpur location, the it is L & T's responsibility to relaying of roads, similarly one stretch in MG Road is Punj Lloyd's responsibility. 

Let us take the completed stretches of Metro.  If u visited MG Road metro stretch, you could see somewhat good roads are relayed after the completion of wokr, but whereas on CMH road and Ulsoor, it is not properly done. (You can see of potholes, patches which are like a humps)

Similarly, the Vidhana Soudha section also it is contractor's reponsibility to relay the road or diversion road.  You can see Central College location also, where the diversion of road done by the same contractor is as good as one in front of Vidhana Soudha.  The contractor who has taken up the responsibilty of giving good roads.  The contractor CEC & SOMA who has given importance for quality of work.

So no point of blaming BMRCL for this poor alternate roads, however, in general BMRCL is answerable for everything.




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no point of blaming BMRCL for

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no point of blaming BMRCL for this poor alternate roads, however, in general BMRCL is answerable for everything

Thats an oxymoron. Awarding a contract to a vendor only ensures delegation of responsibility, questions need to be asked of the person who is accountable. In this case it is BMRCL.  I disagree that MG road is maintained well. Trinity circle & ulsoor stations have pathetic roads below them. 

Roads are like your IT systems in production, you cant put them to sleep till your s/w upgrades are done, it needs to continue servicing at the same SLA's till the new system rolls in.

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off topic but on design..

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was seeing the way BMRCL takes up putting up pillars on the roads..had few questions on them..

1. Are these pillars planned with reference to the road below

Afterall the roads below need to be used well to get to the stations itself! however, such planning does not come out well with the current implementations..especially in the narrow stretches..

Some exmples are :

  • Odd placement of the pillar as reach 1 turns into ulsoor from CMH road. Below road gets reall congested(1 lane) at two places
  • Infront of lido mall on ulsoor road where the road from cambridge layout again becomes 1 lane
  • I have seen such instances on reach 4 the RV road teachers college jn..and now on vanivilas road..the piilars are plomb in the middle of a lane..

2. Are the designs discussed with BTP and BBMP. Arent these people finally responsible for these roads? Shouldnt they be in the discussions on finalizations of pillar position in the design?

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Dangerous roads below Metro Reach 2 and Reach 3

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Roads below Metro in Reach 3 ( From KC General Hospital to West of chord road) and Reach 2 (Vijaynagar stretch) has become horrible. Roads are half tarred and there are sudden humps. I drove on a Scooter and I had to hold my life in my hand !. The sudden bumps and the height difference between little tarred road and untarred road might result in two wheelers falling  and may result in death also.

Should the blame go to BBMP or BMRCL? That is the question. Whoever it is, they have to  put clean tar wherever Metro work has finished, not to wait till Metro gets inagurated. Until then, it may claim many lives.

I travel on reach 4 as well in Jayanagar area. It is well maintained and the work completed very quickly as well.

Mr. Mayor is still in his 'honeymoon' period with lots of congragulations hoarding with his photo across the city, himself doing visual pollution. Where is the time for him to look into these issues?

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its BMRCL responsibilty

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during construction its BMRCLs responsibility to upkeep the roads..unfortunately only places like vidhana veedhi get a good treatment..

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long way to go

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If I understand correctly, Delhi Metro took considerable pride in making the claim that it provided for smooth flow of city traffic during its construction phase. One had hoped that with such examples in place, others will follow suit, leading to a cultural change in the outlook of the construction agencies. But, sadly, that seems far from happening.

Still very far from happening, over a year after that post was made - here

Muralidhar Rao
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I have sent an email to BMRCL as well as complained in PG Portal

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I have sent an email to BMRCL as well as complained in PG Portal against this. Is there any other way where in which we can force them to take necessary action?

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Have seen reports both ways. Looks like BMRCL is obliged to build a road after the work is complete. Maintenance is BBMPs headache. There was an agreement reached to share costs b/w them. 

This is just a nightmare. Commonsense says if you make a mess, clean it up. But as someone said, commonsense is just too hard to find!

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Chocolates & apology

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SL the stockholm train company is building a tram train line near my friends place & have sent them a box of chocolates with an apology letter saying something to the effect - "thanks for your patience due to the noise disturbance and barriers on the way..." comment guidelines

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