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solving silkboard conundrum

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Silkboard junction has been identified as one of the worst traffic prone junctions in the whole of India!!

So what does the govt do to handle it..they come up with an humungous plan to 'de-clutter' the junction with a maze of flyovers..

And this would cost close to 1000 crores.

A metro interchange for the 2 lines coming there (Electronic city and KR puram)  will make the place a major hub for sure and that being a mass public transport option is a welcome move.

However the junction current road traffic need to be studied well to understand what the sollution is needed there. 

Most of the congestion at the junction is because of two reasons:

  • Office commuters moving towards ORR/Bellandur/ITPL
  • Office commuters moving towards Electronic city

Both these problems are been addressed by the two metro lines meeting there.

So after the metro starts plying there, the junction will automatically see a huge reduction in vehicular traffic. So why spend a 1000 crores for solving a problem which might not exisit in the future!??


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how the worlds moving..

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A car centric American society, which has always talked about cars and sold cars everywhere, is talking drastic like this..

“Until you make it so painful that people want to come out of their cars, they’re not going to come out of their cars,” paper quoted Anne Castro, chair of  Planning Council, as saying at a meeting last year. “We’re going to make them suffer first, and then we’re going to figure out ways to move them after that because they’re going to scream at us to help them move.”

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