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Rain Water Harvesting on Namma Metro

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Metro Rail

Driving along the RV Road, I noticed that many of the Namma Metro Pillars now had largish drain pipes jutting out at the bottom, presumably to allow rain water from the tracks above and possibly the stations to join the city SWD system. Curious to know if anybody has evaluated the feasibility of rain water harvesting as a mandatory requirement for Namma Metro? It is still not too late.

At a small incremental cost, it should be possible for each pillar to have a small pit at the base to collect the water and percolate into the earth. This could be a positive contribution from the Metro project - another small offset for the huge number of trees the project has claimed. In fact, Namma Metro could target a comprehensive sustainable water usage plan that depends on a good interconnected system of RWH pipes and storage areas for their water requirements throughout the year. And, maybe the government, should make it mandatory for Namma Metro's future reaches to carry out RWH.

Of course, it would be most heartening if somebody tells me that RWH is already one of Namma Metro's mandate and is being implemented - in which case this post would be moot!


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RWH on the Metro!

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Mr. Viswanath Srikantaiah, a rain water and ground water expert from Bangalore, has done a study of the scope of rain water harvesting on the metro and also published the following article. Hope his voice is heard and the RWH implemented.

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Re: RWH on the Metro

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Thanks for the link Bangalore-Guy!

Anybody with ideas as to how to get this heard by the people who matter. Whom do we take this to?

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i already think such a system

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i already think such a system is in place ...when u look at base of the pillars u do see certain holes presumably to allow water to whatever plants will be there in the median

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Train incident

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Water harvesting is probably the only things the viaducts might be doing for a while. Maybe a switch failed or something but 2 metro trains today went head to head at the CMH road turn. Our resident reporter Srinidhi can tell us more. We will take a commercial break till he comes on line then its over to him.

PS: they may have been testing ATP for all you know

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Was on my way home from work and was passing thru CMH road - 100 Ft rd around 4:30

Usually see Metro trains  parked/stopped some times there..but today was different..I could clearly see two trains facing eachother and I am almost very sure that there was some kind of impact btwn the two..

I could see some metro ppl inspecting the space btwn the two trains..which was like less than a foot..which is why I think there was some impact..

Scares me to think if something like this would happen as they start operations!!

They could be testing ATP but I am not sure the systems allow the two trains to so close to eachother even there!

Unfortuantely I was on a phone call and could not take a snap..wish I had done that!

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RWH is in the plan

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The median constructed in front of the Raheja Towers[Junction of MG Rd and Dickenson Rd] has the RWH in place.  It has 2 tanks built just below the 2 piers, and there is one more pit at the center where the overflowing water from the tanks is allowed to sink in.

This median is the Prototype of their plan and Hope it is implemented in all the medians.


Here's the pic of  the median , you can see one of the tank.

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@ksnandan, that is great news. Really do hope they institutionalize this prototype and make it mandatory - kind of like the design spec for every pillar that is raised for the Metro should have a pit below! comment guidelines

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