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Metro and TenderSURE

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It was in news recently that the road laid by BMRCL around cubbon road after it opened is not of good quality and BBMP was planning to discuss the same with BMRC. This is being done because it is stipulated that relaying roads worked on by metro is to be done by BMRCL itself..

However considering and appreciating that BMRC expertise   needs to be limited to building and running metro only, it should be a good move to involve TenderSURE practices while relaying roads touched by meto . This way we can have very good roads around metro lines in the city. Also this will lead to the following:

  • Pedestrian facilities are improved(needed to better metro ridership)
  • cyclists and wheel chair borne folks get space
  • Road width normalization(St Marks road has proved well that TenderSURE works!)
  • Better chance to plan PT/Bus integration
  • No more digging/maintenance needed for cables/utilities. This will ensure that BMRC interests are safeguarded.

So, BRMCL can payup for the tenderSURE roads and this way BBMP also has very good roads to maintian!

Its a win-win plan for all!


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MG road is slated for

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MG road is slated for tendersure implementation..BMRCL is paying for it. So this plan is not new for them either.

Its just that they need to make it more formal and set the ball rolling for all stretches they are involved in!

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Apart from Wide foot paths, 2 FOBs needed at MG Road

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One side METRO has elevated walkway path with ample seating arrangment , eating joints and toilet.  At MG Road side,  foot path is small and harldy any place to sit for food joints,  no place to cross MG road to reach METRO.

As the METRO has elevated walk way,  its ideal to construct two Foot over brdiges : At Anil Kumbale Circle,  and other at Brigade road with wide foot over brdige of 30 feet width with canopy.

As only one side citizens need to climb steps and other side  FOB lands on the METRO walkway.  This way we create additional  wlaking space on the MG road and also provixde good number of benches so that people can spend more time on the MG road.

Even shop keepers at MG road should vouch for it to increase the foot falls in their shops.

This thing may not be in the basket of Tender sure.

Earlier given details to DULT to take up the project but cold response till now comment guidelines

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