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Underground Parking - whats the big deal?

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 It has been in news since some time that BBMP is planning underground parking lots under playgrounds and other public amenities like parks etc..

more on this in this link..

However there has been opposition from public for this BBMP there was  a report in DH, where public has blamed BBMP for taking up under ground parking at a playground in malleshwaram 'clandestinely'.

Whats the big reason for saying no to this kind of parking facility?

Agreed, some of the locations in BBMP's list are not really the best candidates for such facility...but why oppose the plan all together?

There have been many instances of underground parking facilities coming up under parks and grounds world over..the only thing to make sure that such facilities are water proofed well!


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Trust deficit - BBMP

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I agree, but our trust towards BBMP doing anything right for the city is so abysmal that we wont let them do anything remotely concerned with digging & destroying even if the idea is good

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Yes - one cannot really trust

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Yes - one cannot really trust BBMP to not screw things up and end up usurping the land for some other purpose. Let them build one small underground parking facilty successfully then one can begin to believe them. In fact, let them build one small over ground parking facility successfully first ! 



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pilot project

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i think they are doing this one on pilot basis. depending on success they will implement elsewhere. while they implement in many places one needs to publish it well

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should Mantri mall be the focus?

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 One of the locations is a ground close to the Mantri mall in malleswaram..

What are we trying to do here? cater to the parking needs of one private establishment? I am not sure if its a good idea..

What if the mall goes bust?

What if another mall comes up and people head there instead of this mall..

What happens when people start using the metro rail to get to the the next few months?

So the choice where they want to do this parking needs to be thought over very well..

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trust deficit - that's indeed the problem

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Indeed, it's a matter of trust deficit. The BBMP has been acting very cagey in all such matters - check this report in the ToI, on the Bangalore Patrol/ ToI event held on Sunday, the 5th Dec. Even the Commissioner, Mr Siddiah, seemed very reluctant to talk about it openly at the event, apparently because there are some vested interests involved.

Whatever, any government - operated parking facility, whether in the PU building, or the City Civil Court, is generally in total disorder. In total contrast is the facility in the UB city. As such, if at all such complexes have to be created, they should be executed and run on PPP mode involving reputed contractors, all through transparent processes.

Also, it's time the role of the PWD itself is reviewed.


Muralidhar Rao
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Remember Garuda Mall?

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I'd be suspicious of the motive. Especially if it is PPP - after BBMP / Garuda Parking Complex example. I don't believe we have the systems in place (and if they exist, they have been successfully circumvented) to manage transparency in PPP mode yet.

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yes, but - -

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So, the need is to demand transparency of the processes, and not to continue with the PWD type jobs.

Muralidhar Rao
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 Especially if it is PPP -

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 Especially if it is PPP - after BBMP / Garuda Parking Complex example.

Indeed, but the other side is CPS parking at the corner of brigade/residency road. It not the system, but how it is used, who wants to cheat whom. We need to be alert & discuss each project as to how it will actually benefit public without it becoming the example you have just quoted.

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What about CPS?

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Tell me a little about the CPS parking at Brigade and Redidency. Is this in operation?




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@vvr - CPS

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The last time I used it was a month ago, it was in operation behind the petrol bunk at the jn of Residency/brigade road. The land is vacant and a parking lot is being run by CPS with boom barriers & all. It is not attached to any mall and also not having any govt investment. Similarly New BEL road is a good example of off street parking lots. There are 3 in operation. bunch of retailers around the area have left 3 vacant sites and use it as shared parking. I believe New BEL road has set the best example of creating parking lots, if only it can be made permanent. They can triple the parking by using those decked parking machines.

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St.Marks rd parking

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There is also one on St.Marks rd that I use. It is on the left behind Bank of India /Ram ceramics.

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archery grounds for parking?

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 The archery grounds or better identified as being in front of Mallya hospital..belonging to the Kanteerava Stadium is one of the grounds planned for this parking ..

This is clearly being made to cater Mallya hospital visitors..since this place was already been used for visitor parking before it was reclaimed for archery..

This again is something which is specifically targeting a private party..which is not correct..

Btw why didnt Mallya think of parking when he built his hospital??

Why doesnt he run shuttles from his UB towers parking for visitors instead? comment guidelines

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