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Bhubaneswar going Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) - see RFP

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They have been talking BRTS for at least 3 years now. Orissa government announced the intent earlier this year in July. This week, BDA (Bhuwaneshwar Development Authority, not our BDA) floated tenders for doing detailed technical project report for BRT for total 49 km long, 6 corridors of BRT.

I was curious to read the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the RFP. Did find the tender/RFP very easily on BDA bbsr website, and noticed these the BRT corridor study basics

2.1 Reconnaissance Survey
To carry out reconnaissance survey on the corridors for identification of specific / typical problem areas such as tight / encroached spots, appreciation of ground constraints / situations such as at existing grade separators ...

Not just above, there is "secondary data" requirement

2.2 Secondary Data
To collect relevant secondary data regarding: -
1. Right of way and Road Development Plans (road widening / Improvements, flyovers. subways) of the entire corridor from the relevant planning agencies;
2. Signal phasing / ATC plans for all intersections and traffic management measures along the entire corridor;
3. Existing Off-Street parking provisions in the Influence area of corridor and any new parking proposals planned; and
4. Bus routes with frequency and number of buses operating on the corridor.

And then the list of Traffic Surveys

2.3 Traffic Surveys
1. Speed and Delay survey. ...
2. Road Network Inventory Surveys ...
3. Boarding / alighting survey of passenger at major bus stops.
4. Origin / Destination cum Opinion Survey both for bus and Intermediate Public Transport / private modes (auto-rickshaws and two-wheelers) at all major bus stops and intersections respectively during peak periods on sample basis.
5. Direction-wise Classified Traffic Volume Survey ...
6. Traffic Signal time and saturation flow survey at all signalised intersections ...
7. Parking survey (on-street and off-street) ... along the ... corridor ... and
8. Pedestrian Survey at all major intersections for peak periods ... requisite pedestrian facilities ... minimizing pedestrian vehicular conflicts.

One very interesting bit is this. In Section 3.2, on amenities, notice this

9. Mechanism for liaison with bus operator.

And then, this, property development

6.1 Potential of Property Development
Consultant is required to assess the potential for property development at the Depot/Terminal sites as well as along the BRTS corridors and above the major bus stops.

Hmm, 3 property baits, 1) Depot site, 2) along the cirrodir, and 3)"above the major bus stops" So the Orissa government is open to "outsourcing" BRTS operations. But the business plan section keeps things a bit open

The consultant, after proper analysis, should suggest a financial structure enumerating means of raising VGF & loan, repayment of loan, commercial utilization & property development through PPP etc.

Anyway, do read if you have technical interest in BRTS. The interesting stuff (TOR) starts from page 55. You never know, one of the readers may be seeding TORs for BRTS or BPS at Bangalore some time soon. Have to have hope, and patience :)


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Orissa has a UMTA

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Noticed that Orissa has a Unified Metropolitan Transit Authority (UMTA), as per the Orissa Minister's budget speech 2010-11:

The Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) has been constituted to facilitate coordinated planning and implementation of projects relating to urban transport in the State and their integrated management.

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