Possible priority bus corridors

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Continuing from previous discussion, possible routes...

1) St.Patricks, Brigade Rd to ITPL (on Old Airport rd) ==> focus for our project here.

2) RM Guttahalli to Yelahanka (along Bellary Rd)

3) Silkboard to Hebbal (along Outer Ring rd, Eastern crescent)

4) Brigade Rd (N end) to Ramamurty nagar (along Kamraj rd, Wheeler rd, Banaswadi rd)*

*Subject to widening of Kamraj /Wheeler rd.


Old Airport rd bus corridor

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Exclusive bus lanes might not be necessary on old Airport rd because :

a) A large initial section (from Command hosp to Domlur) is without intersections & is also devoid of commercial activities (almost negligible number of pedestrians); &

b) The stretch almost upto Marathalli is free of parked vehciles.

A DPR has already been ready to make the road "signal free", but since it involves lot of land that has to be acquired at almost all signal intersections, it might never get done or be done in patches.

Bus priorities would be far more easier to build since it would require minimal land & also, not cause too much disruption. Features necessary are (being reproduced from previous blog) :

a) 4.5m uni-directional bus only underpasses (i/o 2 lane, 7.5m) at Hosmat hospital jn, ASC centre jn, Command hospital jn & Namjoshi rd.

b) 7.5m bi-directional bus only underpasses (i/o 4 lane, 15.0m) at Manipal hospital jn, Wind tunnel rd jn & Suranjandas rd jn.

c) At Lower Agaram rd jn, the proposed all-traffic underpass /flyovers may be built as planned & will not effect bus movement as the jn will become signal free for all traffic.

d) At Domlur bus stand, a 2-lane, 7.5m bi-directional flyover can be built (i/o 4-lane 15.0m flyover).

e) At Kundalahalli gate, a 4.5m uni-directional bus only overpass would be required (i/o 4 lane, 15.0m underpass) for buses headed towards city from ITPB.

To facilitate safe /unhindered entry & exit of buses from underpasses /overpasses, barricades over a short length would be necessary both ways. Misuse can be prevented with sensors fitted on buses that open boom barriers at entry.


Additionally, a 1 km long two-lane (7.5m) overpass to bypass the congestion at Marathalli (incldg the intersection signal) is necessary here since the signal delay is considerable.

Priority route - RM Guttahalli to Yelahanka

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Two kerbside lanes on the road between Hebbal & Yelahanka is preferable to two lanes on the elevated tollway since it helps pedestrian movements. This would be possible only if service roads are being planned.

Hosur road a must

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There is lot of chaos at Hosur Road. We should and must put a lane for all the buses including KSRTC/BMTC/Private/SETC. Lane rules must be followed atleast of this wide road....

Its scary that not a single person takes the subway to cross the road even though the traffic is heavy. I wonder  i would reach home if i take my bicycle on this road.


Priority during rush hours!

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Naveen, IDS,

One baby step among others would be to enmarked lanes exclusive for PT during rush hours like 7 to 10 AM and 4 to 7 PM, on the lines of HOV lanes in US. In all other times shoudl serve for HOV users with 4+ passengers in Cars/vans.

Looking from a practical side, this needs atleast 4 lanes (2 on each side). I second your suggested routes of RM Guttahalli to Yelahanka (along Bellary Rd) and St.Jhon's Jn to EC and beyond. I am not sure about Other routes.

Even width of 3 lanes could mitigate the situation with center lane would serve as the PT lane with direction reversed based on direction of Rush hour traffic.

Bus bahn

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Wondering (aloud) if an at/above-grade guided busway would be a potential for ORR (Silkboard to Hebbal). One thing that needs to be considered (which has been talked about  before) is easy pedestrian access at existing underpasses...using above-ground space for a station. If permitted, a  70-90kmph speed bandwidth would make for significantly quick PT option for ORR.

Been also thinking a little bit about short steel flyovers (since they're potentially quickly installed) to offer grade separation at signals/intersections (instead of a dedicated elevated BRTS), in combination with sb's idea on the feasibility of a single/median BRT lane on Old Airport Rd. More details (and hopefully a few sketches) soon.



Old airport rd - bus priorities

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The DPR for making old airport rd signal-free is available here.

The data above was compiled from this DPR.

16 junctions + 3?

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16 junctions per the above report. 5 of them are 3 way. A couple more may be included based on the one ways till brigade rd jn. Need to mark the route on a map. Cycle times for these jns can be had from here. WiIl need to run thru the list and provide max time lost at signals and extrapolate opportunity cost

Three ways can be prioritized on one side by having a separate signal phase for buses. The rest may need magic underpasses, each at 3 crores. should cost us 33 crores. I can see in the study each signal free jn for cars costs on an average 10 crores.

Let us close this one for comments

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Will convert Naveen's first comment into a blog post, and also attach the DPR, and signal timing files to it so that they are clearly visible under this project.

Let us carry this on here.

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