Bus Priority - Project updates

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Dear project members, make sure you subscribe to this post. We will all share project updates via comments here. Easiest way to subscribe is to leave a comment.

As of mid Nov, where are we?

  • Requested BBMP, BMTC, BDA for data, files from past BRTS-like project proposals etc. Some data obrained, some in the works. Abide folks (RK, Ashwin) are helping here, so is BMTC directly. silkboard's job.
  • Need to start on the structure of the demand (aka call to action report). Need to go meet Mr Balachandran again to kick this off. We were supposed to meet him again in mid November. Naveen is in touch.
  • Trying to raise funds, have a made a pitch to few people. Jenny/IDS running with this. I will upload the ppt we have used in a meeting.

All others, please wait for the data to be uploaded. Post that, you can start your thinking/analysis etc and you should help capture your ideas in the Project wiki.

Contact me for any technical help (how to edit wiki, how to upload pictures, etc type of thing).

A project meeting is pending. Will organize one soon.

Bottomline, we are on, site users, watch this post for project updates, project members, use this post to share updates.


BPS - Meeting with BMTC next week (tentative)

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Tentative right now, but we will meet BMTC/Mr Pasha next week to kick this off with them. Stay tuned for more updates.

Only project members invited to the meeting, have to be focused on the project and subject of BPS/BRTS.

status on data requests

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What is with us

  • G1 details - from that signal free DPR, available on the site
  • Full route details, showing properties adjacent to G1 etc - will upload soon
  • G1 route - bus ridership data - awaited from BMTC
  • Any reports from past BRTS plans (ORR?), from BDA, trying.

This is all I am working on right now. Once we have above, will start the next round of data hunt.

are we meeting soon?

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 i'm out of town from 23 to 28th... just wondering if we could meet once before that.

still waiting on the BMTC data/meeting

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Had written to BMTC bosses asking for a meeting. The mail has their attention, but meeting isn't yet scheduled.

No data obtained yet from BMTC, still in the works, but I am sure we will get it soon. All we have asked for is two things

  • Whatever files available on the Hebbal-Silk Board BRTS proposal (done by BDA and BMTC)
  • G1/335E ridership data, for 1 full week.

We hear that perhaps to be ready with with better data on question #2 above (but not just for G1), a traffic survey is on for most Big10 routes.

Before our meeting

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Shaheen, I was looking to do at least 1 meeting with BMTC before the first full meeting amongst project members. Just want to see what they are up to, where things stand right now on Bus Priority/BRTS. If they are already on with it, our project's scope will be to push and prod (less technical). But if they are not on it (Bus Priority or BRTS) at all, then we will have more technical work to do (think a technical demand report).

Anyway, let us give it (BMTC wait) just one more week.


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BPS project updates


  • Got some data on g1 earnings by trip from BMTC.
  • Still no firm date for meeting with BMTC bosses, trying (see other post for updates)
  • Have requested for documents on the BRTS project they are doing with BDA (outer ring road)


  • Got this advice to start working with BBMP as well. Have some contacts, working on a meeting with them

Traffic Police

  • Have asked Traffic Police if they have any data on traffic density on the signals on G1/335 corridor.

We should be able to start some analysis work once data arrives from the 3 key parties above. Now that we need to follow up with multiple agencies, its probably the right time to organize the first BPS project meeting.

SB - Right approach

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Great that you are engaging with the officials to move BPS on old airport rd ahead.

Meeting on 22nd

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I would like to join.