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Enhancing surface mass transport capacity

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Its getting all the more urgent to increase public transport capacity in Bangalore. More frequency & capacity. Watch this video to see how GM single handedly in collusion with other companies destroyed public transport especially rail car in America.

Here is a proposal from Praja RAAG submitted to both BMTC & DULT to take up.


Bengaluru Surface Light Rail


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Some discussions from earlier

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Some discussions from earlier can be accessed here

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Lower O&M

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The LRT systems in this study averaged an O&M cost per passenger-mile approximately 17% lower than the “BRT” systems reported.

Details here

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BRTS plans shelved due to metro!

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In a very important revealing report in the Hindu today (page 4), it is mentioned by none other than Addtnl. Chief Secretary UDD that BMRCL prevented the implementation of BRT on ORR btw Hebbal and Silkboard saying that road would be covered under Phase 3/4.

Thats arguably one of the worst advice the governament has paid heed to till date!

This is because metro ph I itself is atleast 2 years away and they have proved their competency or the lack of it, quite well till date. And ph 3/4 is atleast a decade or two away!

Its high time govt thinks better and gets back piching other PT options and in that Bengaluru Surface Light Rail is a far superior option compared to BRT and it needs to implemented ASAP to salvage something for the city before it heads to the worse!

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ridership needs LRT..

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Phase I of metro when complete will only cater to 1 million ridership and BMTC is doing around 5 million ridership, however the total commuter ridership numbers in Bangalore is 23 million per day.

That means there is a gap of 17 million, where commuters are forced to use private vehicles..

This is all the more reason that we have LRT in place! comment guidelines

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