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Electronics City Entrance Gate - Traffic issues

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TrafficTraffic jams

Three points to discuss about entrance to electronics city

  1. There is a lot of traffic coming from NICE/Grade level Hosur Road which needs to get in EC using the 2nd entrance. We need to find a short term fix for such an issue.
  2. For a long term solution can we open the first entrance (NTTF)?
  3. Any other entrances near to HCL could be utilized?



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why are barracades erected on Hosur Road?

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why are barracades erected on Hosur Road?
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The possible reasons..

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With my experience in Hosur Road, following are my thoughts. First of all I am happy about them. (Only me?????)

1) Barricades are kept near zebra crossings( Phase 2, Hosa Road, Singasandra). This means non-DD(non disciplined drivers) never bothered to reduce speeds near crossings. Hence its forcefull implementation

2) Another barricade is kept near Kudlu gate. Again its punishment to non-DDs. We have seen non-DDs speed upto 100kmph, while logical speed limit may be around 60kmph. Also we have seen a speed camera there, not sure if it works or not.

3) None of other method is cheap and effective as barricade. No power needed, no human resource needed, no maintenance needed :) 

4) Its portable in nature, it can be moved easily, erected very quickly.

5) It will ease traffic pile up at next signal. For example, after putting barricades near Hosa Road before Salpuria apts, lots of pile reduced in Hosa Road signal, as vehicles slowdown. 

6) Its sudden appearance without notice causes sudden shock to drivers, specially who are at high speeds





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barricades for pedestrian crossing

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I think barricades are for pedestrians crossing. Vehicles slow down and come in only 1 lane instead of 3 so it is easy for pedestrians to cross the road. comment guidelines

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