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Enhancing surface mass transport capacity

Its getting all the more urgent to increase public transport capacity in Bangalore. More frequency & capacity. Watch this video to see how GM single handedly in collusion with other companies destroyed public transport especially rail car in America.

A pedestrian response?!

Pedestrian Infrastructure

The mowing down of the school going 19 year old Arpita & others in Hebbal has caused severe consternation amongst people in Bangalore. The driver has been reported as saying he was new to the city & was looking for a signboard which could tell him the directions to where he needs to go and that diverted his attention from the signal in front of him.

Signage & Trust

Urban Development

The TOI reporter called me over the weekend asking for a quote on the problems with signage and road signs in Bangalore.

Mapping your local bicycle store

Some years ago I started an initiative to mapt the bike stores. It saw a few entries but the community wasnt large enough. With pollution & congestion assisting the drive to take up NMT modes like cycling via cycle day event the community has increased by leaps & bounds. Newer & more trips are being made & more cycles are being bought now than before.

Bicycles on BMTC

One of the biggest hits of the first cycle day amongst people was BMTC allowing people to carry cycles to cycle day in their buses. Lots of people liked it. We even communicated the same to BMTC. We had hopes of getting them to repeat it and also extend it to non cycle day days. Instead they pulled out of this committment.

KPCC - Public consultation for manifesto




More roads for decongestion !!!

Urban Development

"Over the next five years approximately Rs 55,000 crore will have to be spent in building flyovers and other arterial link roads in order to decongest the traffic in the city by 50%," said R Nagaraj, president of CREDAI's Bangalore chapter.

Risks of Entrepreneurship in Bangalore

This is how small business is encouraged in Bangalore. The world needs to see how we encourage people to do business & create jobs. And if you thought this was a one off case, talk to any small business owner about how many people come to their doorstep & feel entitled to take money from them without any compunction.

BTRAC Questionnaire - CiSTUP

We are doing a study on "Impact of B-TRAC Project" for Bangalore City Police for which we need the questionnaire to be filled by general public. 

Hundreds of uncleared idols spell disaster for Hebbal lake’s bio-life


Next time you pass over the Hebbal Flyover towards the airport, glance to your left towards the lake. Towards the ring road you will see how the lake has been spoiled by the Gneshas being dumped, wood pieces & PoP ganeshas floating around.

BMTC Strike - what have we learnt?


Public Transport in Bangalore today means Bus which is solely run by BMTC. During business as usual this looks good but its in crisis situations like todays strike that the deficit of not investing in multiple modes or using modern methodologies of running operations can hurt.

Appalling health standards in Bangalore hotels

Public Health

It is a well known fact in all markets & mandis you will visit that the rotten vegetables they stack on the side are for hotels. 

Elevated road on an already signal free road!

The BDA has proposed a six-lane bi-directional flyover from Le Meridien to Cauvery junction, all the way up to CBI junction on Bellary Road.

Orion Mall - Traffic planning

TrafficTraffic jams

Some good work being done here proactively by citizens of Malleshwaram around the new mall thats coming up in the area... 


Some preliminary problems that we saw at Orion mall:

Driving School Scam - BBMP

Private transport

While most of the driving schools charge Rs 2,500-Rs 3,000 per candidate for training, BBMP had agreed to pay Rs 3,800 per candidate from these six schools. “Each school had produced documents claiming that they had trained 70 to 80 candidates and received lakhs as fees.

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