Cycle Day event at Indiranagar on 28th Sept

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28 Sep 2014 06:45

Take part and enjoy the Sunday morning 28thS ept at your streets of Indiranagar :


Now its thrid event of the month for cycle day.  Yelahanka, Srajapur Road and now Indiranagar.

SO we can reach every sunday Cycle day at different parts of Bangalore soon.


Illegal car parking

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I find about a dozen cars parked in front of our house. I hear that many of them stolen from other cities and sold here.

Cmplaint to police did not work. What is the courseof action one cn take?


Try police and then press..

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Police should be the first we go to..the traffic police officer sits very close to BM Sri circle. He should be able to help or even the ones at JB nagar station.

You can also get them on FB

If that does not work, get to the press to bring attention!