Cycles on KSRTC bus!

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There is a frequent question on how to take cycles on KSRTC bus. Ofcourse it is quite a task to carry cycles on express and other service bus because they need to be loaded onto the roof of the bus.

However its a breeze to put cycles into volvo bus. But a frequent question is what is the cost of transportation. Some conductors play traunt, charging bribe etc

So to get more details made a visit to the bus stand to get the details, so here is how it works officially.

A regular cycle is 3 units in luggage terms for KSRTC

It costs 15/- for each unit  to be transported per stage

For example, Mysore is 1 stage from Blr, so transporting a cycle to Mysore will cost 3X15 = 45/-

So the important part is to know how many stages(luggage) it is to your destination and do the simple math.

If the conductor him!



passenger stage calculations..this times its correct!

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Was at the majestic bus stand today and they made me run from pillar to post to get information. The outcome was that I could find a little more about the mathematics of carrying cycles on bus:

Lets take bangalore-madikeri as an example. The distance is 265 Kms

and its 5Kms per passenger stage and that makes the distance 265/5 =  53 stages

and per unit price per stage is 50 paise, so that makes it 26.5 Rs per unit

A cycle is typically 3 units and that makes it 80 Rs to Madikeri!

Please take a ticket for the luggage.

The only catch is that if the luggage carrier is full already, the conductor  holds the right to deny putting your bike inside the bus.