Planning "Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day", a monthly event

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We are kicking off the campaign via a monthly event called "Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day". Its a simple call for everyone to just take their cycles out, 'feel' the city early in the morning by cyling through fresh air and empty roads on a Sunday morning to Cubbon Park,

Come to Cubbon park on your cycle, on the last Sunday of every month. And 'feel bangalore', the trees that still surround the roads, the fresh air in the morning, and the greens at the lovely Cubbon Park.

We have spoken to DULT and BMTC already, and the good news is they have agreed to support and partner for this event! DULT has agreed to be the anchor for the event, and BMTC is going to support the event by making special shuttle arrangements on the day.

BMTC sees cycling as an important mode for last mile connects, and cycling has the potential of extending the reach of every bus stand. To showcase as well as learn towards that future, BMTC will help by making this possible:

  • If Cubbon Park is too far for a rider to cycle all the way,
  • Then, one can cycle to a TTMC (5 TTMCs planned for the first event day on Oct 27)
  • Here, you can either park your cycle and just take the shuttle to Cubbon Park and back
  • Or, carry your cycle to Cubbon park in the special BMTC shuttle!

Stay tuned as we iron out more details and work the logistics with help of DULT, BMTC plus all the well wishers and organizers of the broader Cycle Day campaign.


Personal experience - 32 km round trip on Sunday mornings

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Few of us have been doing this Sunday morning ride to Cubbon Park for a few months now. I joined in late, as I didn't even have a cycle, and I was not confident of riding 16-17 km (from Whitefield) and back. It seemed tough, plus there was this tiny fear of cycling on choked city roads.

Did it one day, and have loved it since. Roads are very light on Sunday mornings. And you get to feel good on the road taking in the fresh air early in the morning. Cycling part itself isn't as hard it seems. 16km sounds like a lot, but it isn't. It was some work (all in the mind) on first attempt. but then on, has been very enjoyable.

Event at/around Cubbon park, ideas?

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Guys, it would good to organize some simple activity at Cubbon Park that morning. It being a public park, should avoid heavy event (that would generate noise, debri etc).

Some ideas that have come up are:

1) A cycle race for kids: make a loop, plan a 2km long race for kids

2) Bangalore Safari - some knowledgeable folk takes cyclists around the central area of Bangalore, we get to know some history. Start at Cubbon Park, return in max 1 hour.

3) Talks from prominent cyclists or environmentalists, or any eminent personality

cubbon park cycle stands

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Below is the current proposal for bike stands in Cubbon Park. One is at the entrance from MG road (Aquarium) and other one is next to the Sheshadri Iyer library..

Good going and Wish I could have joined this with cycle

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Will try to make for this event with Cycle even if I have to take from others.

It will be good to get the other cycle groups who r in Bangalore

no big deal!

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There are people older than me at it too.

Muralidhar Rao

Delayed update....

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13 of us gathered for a planning meet at the Cubbon Park / Airlines last Sunday, including enthusiastic participants from DULT.

Exciting stuff. Plan for the first CycleDay (27/Oct):

Time: 7-10am. Cubbon Park.

- Ceremonial ride by Chief Guest, 7.30 am, starts from Hudson circle side gate, till library. Invitation sent to BBMP Mayor. Additional "Special Guests" right now - BBMP Commsr, ACP Traffic

- Heritage ride, 8 am, starts from library, goes around Cubbon park on the outside.

- Ideabox booth setup near library.

- HOPCOMS and Nandini stalls at two locations inside the Park

As discussed, plans are on for BMTC to arrange shuttle busses on that day from select TTMCs. They might also let cyclists take their cycles inside regular volvo services during the event.


Social Media Links

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Facebook page went live y'day and already has 229 likes! Spread the word around. 

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