Open streets for Bangalore - Cyclovia style

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Bengaluru Cycle Day went off very well with more than 1100 people attending it. The sea of cyclists coming out to enjoy their ride & make it a habit is heartwarming & proves once & for all that Bengaluru is the cycling capital of India. In keeping with that reputation it is only fair to expect that our govt will take the lead in promoting cycling with relevant infrastructure provisioning so that Bengaluru sets an example for the rest of the nation in sustainable future with better quality of living for all. Some of us put together a ppt to promote the idea of Open streets which encourage cycling Cyclovia style

Related to Cyclovia, check out these two really awesome videos on the success story of Bogota, Columbia(population of around 7 million)

1.       Ciclovia

2.       Lessons from Bogoto



Cycle Day Open Streets proposal.pdf


Cyclovia for Bangalore?

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So would you like a cyclovia style open streets for Bangalore every cycle day? 

beyond Cyclovia

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General lifestyle itself, as in Amsterdam -

Muralidhar Rao

Bicycle Stand integrating with other mode of transits an example

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This document on BRTS shows the integration of Bicycle Stands with BRTS as done in Curitiba

Similar approaches can be done with existing TTMCs of BMTC and Metro. 


Cycling is good for your marriage..

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Some of you might find this article interesting

Some studies have shown that if you commute 45 minutes by car you increase the risk of divorce by 40% - because of the stress. Cycling however, does not have the same effect. 




Solar powered bicycles - No batteries - Capable of 40kph

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This looks very interesting and probably the best vehicle for future:

This is capable of 40kph and 50kph with pedalling along with solar power.

Cycle day for your area

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Interested in doing a cycle day event in Malleshwaram? Block some roads & do open streets also? Do PM me if you live in the area or want to help organize

Interested in doing a cycle day in your locality? Please reach out to the cycle day praja volunteers on the email blrcycleday -at- praja -dot- in

Yes, I would like to be

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Yes, I would like to be invoved with doing something in Malleswaram. 

Frankly I think all the smalled streets should be closed permanently for through traffic. Thanks to the screwed up situation with CNR Rao underpass and the screwed up traffic manangement on 17th and 18th Cross  all the inner roads of Mwm have become throughways for traffic trying to avoid the manufactured jams. 13th Cross, 6th Main, 4th Main ,16th Cross have all become disastrous to walk on at any point of the day. For ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD reason.

Of course 8th Cross, and East+West Park road also should be closed.

Anyway, coming back to the matter at hand, I am interested in being involved.








@rs - have sent you a PM with

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@rs - have sent you a PM with my number... trying to reach out to others in MWM to see if they would want to do this. Can close some of the less traffic stretches on the day.