The first cycle day - we love it when a plan comes together!

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As the title goes, the first edition of the Bengaluru Cycle Day ended with an awesome note.. the press has given it good attention but most important the general public made it a grand success!

Would like to appreciate Pranav's effort here from the Day 1, with the conception to completion. It was a juggernaut (word came from Jaggannath Chariot - doesnt stop at nothing) in the true sense. I was sceptical when we started, looking at the very tight schedules we had. But crucial decissions like dropping logo's, cycles on Volvo's etc set the ball rolling really fast.

But starting from using Facebook for hosting the event to running videos and pictures, getting to the 1000 'likes' was a spellbinding journey. Some unique things about the event was, it was one of the first to bring all cyclists in Blr together riding side by side. We had, perhaps for the first time, two organisations renting out bicycles from the same place.

Its been an awesome experience, which I hope will continue for months more..years maybe! comment guidelines

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