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Corruption and Technologies in BMTC - List of Questions

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Extending the discussion on Pilferage by BMTC Conductors/Official and taking SBs suggestion for coming up with the list of questions for possible direct answers from BMTC or filing RTI with BMTC.

In any case, as a civil city and residents of Bengaluru, it is our duty to hold the powers responsible for all that good and bad happens in public institutions and corporations.

BMTC needs to be held responsible and answers should be demanded for all the relevant issues and questions.

Let us collate all the questions here. Pls feel free to list the questions via comments under two categories.

  1. Pilferage via in-bus corruption
  2. State of technology use in BMTC

REQUEST - Pls do not start discussions on Private vs Public. You may do so by starting a separate post on it.



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Pilferage via tickets Questions!

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Here are the questions on Ticket revenue pilferage


  1. Total revenue lost due to pilefrage by conductors and ticketless tarvel?
  2. What is the percentage of revenue lost due to pilferage?
  3. Amount of fines collected from commuters for the ticket-less travel for 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10?
  4. Action taken against Conductor/officials during the same period?
  5. Information on Infrastructure in place at BMTC to do the regular checking in the Buses? # of Personnel, their duties and the SOPs adopted?
  6. What are the service rules with regard to penalizing BMTC officials found guilty of violation or corruption?
  7. Any scientific study done to understand the problem and preventing it?
  8. Any plans or works in progress to making ticket pilferage difficult if not impossible?
  9. Any data or study available from neighboring states in dealing with this menace and the steps they have taken?
  10. Details of all the efforts that BMTC has taken to address this issue in last 3 years?


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BMTC - Technology Questions!

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Here are the questions relating to Technology at BMTC.

Tech Infrastructure

  1. List of all the technologies currently in use?
  2. Does the BMTC has the route information available in electronic form?
  3. Provide the details of IT infrastructure and IT personnel employed at BMTC?


  1. Does the BMTC website provides the route information in real time for all its categories of services?
  2. The amount paid by the BMTC for development of its website?
  3. Complete details on the process BMTC followed on award of website development work to 3rd party?
  4. What is process followed in listing all the requirements and qualification of same on deployment of the website?

Monthly Passes/Single Ticket

  1. How many monthly passes are sold by BMTC?
  2. How many monthly passes are sold by its authorized agents?
  3. Can the regular commuters buy these ONLINE from BMTC website? If not, why?
  4. Has BMTC any time considered the concept of single ticket for complete journey including change overs, return journey? If no, reasons?
  5. Has BMTC looked into introducing SMART CARD in substitute for daily or monthly passes?
  6. Has BMTC looked into roping in Post Office, BangaloreONE, Major retail stores for selling daily/monthly passes?
  7. Has the BMTC considered reaching out to Industries, corporations, government departments for popularizing BMTC travel by offering discounts?
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My friend was asked to get

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My friend was asked to get out of the volvo because he had a 100 Rupee note and no change.

Is this the way these uneducated drivers and conductors treat citizens who actually pay their salary?

And on top of this they said if he does not get down, they will kick him out and showed physical aggression and used abusive language.

So I think the local people in Bangalore are ready to do anything to harm people who work in this city, locals or from other parts of India.

Very cheap mentality. These people should be sacked. comment guidelines

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