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Pictures BMTC-JNNURM - semi-low floor buses

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Travelled on the new semi-low floor buses of BMTC, bought under JNNURM.  what are the main positives compared to the older suvarna buse


1. The entrance is much lower that standard suvarna buses.

2. More space for standing commuters.

3.Bigger glass windows, sense of spaciousness

4.More leg space for sitting commuters.

Negatives: No LED display board.



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No LED display board - foul play?

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Thanks Vinod.

Notice carefuly, and you would see that there is that space and holder for LED board in the front, and back as well (on these, and some more new buses).

I suspect some foul play. Perhaps BMTC is paying for LED boards, but getting painted Tin boards for the money.

Let us dig out their past tenders for LED boards, or may be, details of the order they have placed for the buses if they include LED board in written.

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Painted boards better?

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 I see the volvos with LED boards..its bright light no doubt..the numbers are visible nice and bright..

But the destination details scroll all the time due to space and font size makes it quite difficult to make out what the final destination and route is..especially when standing at a intermediate bus stand..

Was wondering if painted boards with good lighting are better than the LED ones!

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Information at the stop

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 it makes it quite difficult to make out what the final destination and route is..

If implemented properly, the timetable and route map for all buses arriving at a bus stop needs to be displayed at the bus stop. Below is a nice little leaflet which can be printed for each route number that stops at the bus stop and put up at the bus stop shelter billboard. You can then not worry about the scrolling display in the bus. The electronic display allows drivers to change the number on the board on all sides from the central console without having to physically change the boards. I still remember the bus carrying one number in the front and another in the back during my school days because the conductor was lazy to change the board in the back.


Another idea which was done on one type of bus (MBS?) by BMTC was to display the stops on the side of the bus. This can be done only if the bus is not reusable on all routes otherwise it will defeat the purpose of having a digital board but unchangable route map. It could be done on some historic routes etc where the bus doesnt change.  

Map on bus

But I am dissapointed they are forgetting basics like a stop request button to be built into the bus when it is delivered and associated display with announcement of the next stop.

Stop request

Stop requested







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Few hundred busses..

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Corporation stop for example or the residency rd bus stop have few hundred or close to hundred busses stopping there..

..not sure again if the idea of listing numbers at such intermediate stops.. 

TN busses have these painted boards in front of the arms leangth..its very easy to change those as it avoids the effort for the lazy bones..

Maybe a mix of LED and painted boards might work!

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Routing issue?

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Corporation stop for example or the residency rd bus stop have few hundred or close to hundred busses stopping there..

You are right this has been so for a long time however after considerable travel experience I am curious why there are so many buses stopping on the same bus stop? If 20 bus routes from Majestic regardless of destination travel via corporation isnt it sufficient only 2 or 3 of the routes actually stop there? Isnt this a routing problem? Arent buses from the same source passing through there better off taking different routes to ensure more locations are serviced?

not sure again if the idea of listing numbers at such intermediate stops.

If you mean you havent seen it anywhere then here are some examples of how it is done in other places. 

Bus stop information

Bus stop information

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Corporation Stop

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IDS Sir,

Corporation is an important point to change buses. Although one end of the route is KBS, the other ends vary. For example, Ulsoor to BSK3rd stage-this is the interchange point

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Corporation as an interchange point

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Corporation is an important point to change buses

True right now, but with city market down the road and Majestic a little distance away and both getting metro station with large bus stands should corporation which has only a street stop also be an interchange point? Doesnt that make these other large interchanges redundant? 

This has been discussed on Praja, If BMTC does a route rationalization involving experts who have run excellent routing system (SBS transit for example) we will quickly discover how we have redundant routing causing hundreds of busses at a few trunk routes but underserved areas. Infact DULT has already indicated this at a macro level in this report


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KG Road

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If I changed buses at KBS instead of Corporation, it wastes at least 30min(very early monring) or upto 1.5 hours. KG road is crowded and bus traffic is slow.

Corporation is a natural interchange point. What is needed is better bus bays(acquire the front lawn of BBMP office-no land acquistion issues or use Unity Building land) and a skywalk to cross the junction quickly. It will also help if bus bays are separated-for example, right now buses going to Market from KR Puram and KBS to  BSK 3rd stage all stop in the same place. This leads to confusion and crowding. Instead , separate bays will make it easier

If we want more people to use public transport, make is EASIER to chagne buses, not harder. comment guidelines

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