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Concession in NAMMA METRO for Students community ???

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Any plan  exists in NAMMA METRO to povide concession in ticket  for Students & Senior  citizens.  As BMTC has this facility & encourages the public to use PT.

Take the case of Kolkotta METRO,  60% concession is offered for students.  I hope BMRC also comes out similar facility for students community.

Hee is   60% Concession in Kolkata, Metro trains to Students attending Schools/Madrasa/Vocational institutions.  their office order link


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Namma Metro

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Senior Citizens also should be given concession of at least 30% as in Railways, if not 50%.


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Concessions unlikely

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Students or Senior citizen concessions are unlikely in the metro. The Delhi Metro does not give these concessions. Plus the government is considering PPP for future metro lines. I don't think they will start of with subsidies or concessions.

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When Central can provide concession to Kolkotta Metro, why not

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As the Calcutt Metro is under Railways,  which is again owned by Central Govt,   their they are able to extend the concession,  same  yard stick should be applicable for NAMMA METRO for concession to Students and Senior Citizens.

NAMMA METRO is owned by Central & GoK,  their should not be any issue with GoK extending the concession facility as BMTC / KSRTC of GoK are already providing the concession to Students and Senior citizens.  Some one should take up the issue with BMRC to provide the facility to Students & Senior citizens.

Other wise, Central Govt  is favouring only Calcutta and  tax payesr money is diverted to Calcutta

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Students Deserve Concession

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 Students deserve concession. Many poor students who study in distant schools/colleges cannot bear expensive tickets. Already the so called College and School Buses are exploiting students by very high fees, almost 1,000 a month. My 3 year old son has to hardly travel 2 kms and his school bus charges Rs. 1,000 a month. Along with this comes the school fees which has become exhobirant  without any control especially ICSE schools. Almost 3,000 rupees needed per month per kid.

Bangalore has the worst traffic and it is a worry for the parent to send to school by bicycles / 2 wheelers. Metro being a train is highly attractive to school boys and to some extent college students, they would love to travel  by giving up bicycles/  2 wheelers or use them for last mile. It will also save lot of their time.

Concession is also being given in Vajra. Student pass is 950 rupees. This could have been even reduced giving tough fight to school and college management for their so called 'bus busineess' in the name of bus services. comment guidelines

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