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Proportional Electoral System Pros and cons

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The meet started shortly after 10AM at the senate hall of the prestigious Bangalore central collage premises. The organizers were seen giving final touches to the Auditorium when we entered the Auditorium at 10AM. That was when we saw the session chairman a Swami being ushered in by the reception committee.  

Pic -1 Mr.  Vasanth  Kumar Mysore mutt talking to his holiness Veerabhadra Chennamalla Swamiji of Nidumamidi Mutt.

 It was around 11:00 hrs as I guess the meet started with the speakers and the secretary on the Dais.

Pic-2 The convener Mr. Manohar Elavarthi introducing the dignitaries on the Dais. Ms. Sheema Mohsin was the other covenar. 

After the welcome address the inauguration took place with the traditional lighting of the ceremonial lamp.

Pic-3 the conventional Lighting of the lamp

The Inaugural Session was presided by Nadoja Dr. Kamala Hampana. Shri Veerabhadra Channamalla Swamiji of Niduramidi Mutt. Gave the Inaugural address. The orientation speech was delivered by Mr. Thirumavalavan MP, VCK. The Key note address was givwn by Mr. MC Raj Founder CERI 

We had seen the differently able   boy in the picture above being carried like a child by a Good Samaritan who had put the boy in a front row chair well before the start of the event. While seated, one could not make out his being highly disabled. Apart from this disabled boy and others, I believe there was trance gender audience too at the venue. 

Picture 4 The Interactive session

Proportional representation voting (PR) is the main rival to plurality-majority voting. Among advanced western democracies it has become the predominant voting system. For instance, in Western Europe, 21 of 28 countries use proportional representation, including Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. ------  Click [1]


Regional parties that find themselves way behind the ‘big fish’ in electoral politics, eminent people’s movements and civil society organizations as well as deeply committed individuals will come together to formally launch the South India Coalition for Proportional Electoral System.

------------Click [2]

The concept of "power in numbers" is omnipotent in every form within society. Proportional representation (PR), when executed suitably, is completely based on the "power in numbers" idea. It proves to the population that every vote counts. Proportional representation is undoubtedly a better system of voting Members of Parliament into the House of Commons because of its ease of use and fairness to the entire Canadian population. An excellent example of this is demonstrated by Norway who has been using PR for more than 11 years. Click[3]


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Details of sessions

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Inaugural Session:- 

                                       Welcome address by Mr. Manohar Elavarthi Praja Rajakiya Vrdike.

Session 1 Proportional representation for inclusive governence

                    Moderater:- Mr. Manohar Elavarthi Praja Rajakiya Vedikle

                    Speakers: Mr. PV Lokesh, Karnataka State Secretary CPI

                                        Ms Jyotiraj, Founder - CERI

                                         Dr. Jawahirulla MLA TMMK

                                         Mr. Vijaykumar AIPF

                                         Mr. PC Hamza, General Secretary - WPI

                                          Mr. Sahji Krishnan Advoxcate Suprime court

                                          Ms Leena Dabiru, Sokesperson CFRI

Session 2 South India Coalition and way froward

                    Moderater:- Sheema Mohissin Welfare party of India

                    Speakers:- Professor NV Narasimhaiya Ahinda

                                         Dr. Ruth Manorama, NAWO

                                          Mr. Ambujakshan DPI Kerala

                                          Mr. Sinthanai Selvan, VCK

                                          Ms Yashodhara P, Karnataka Dalit Mahila Vedike

                                          Mr. Gunaga AIPF

                                          Ms Jayashri Ramesh ASHA for Autism

Session 3 South India Coalition and way froward

                    Moderater:- Ms Katyayini Chamraj CIVIC

                     Speakers:- Mr. Ravi G Forth Way Foundation

                                          Mr. DC Prakash Karnataka Tamilar Katchi

                                           Ms Veena S, Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum

                                           Mr. B Sripad Bhat Adima Living Times

                                           Mr. Pranabjyoti Bohra Assam Society of Bangalore

                                            Mr. Subramani Armugam, Secretaryt, WPI

Valedictory Session  :- Vote of thanks by Ms Mufeeda Begum Aga Foundation




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Proportional sharing of votes can happen with majority voting

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At the meeting at Senate Hall on this subject, His Holiness Sri Veerabhadra Channamallikarjuna Swamy of Nedumamidi Mutt desired that I make a presentation of the electoral reforms that are being advocated by me for the past many years. I had to excuse myself because it would have created confusion in the minds of those gathered.

But during technical sessions, I interacted with the panelists in the open house and mentioned the necessity of reforms and was given to understand that this South India Coalition may convert itself into a political entity, when the time is ripe !!!  

Proportional representation being demanded is in its seed form.  This demand can be meaningful only if our electoral rolls are perfect, voting is done without coersion or corruption, criminals are not contesting and provisions for Recall of a candidate (even under the proposed proportional representation idea) are in place under the existing electoral rules / Peoples Representation Act and other relevant enabling provisions under the Constitution of India.

According to former Chief Election Commissioner Dr S.Y. Quraishi -
"Karnataka was the biggest headache in the last general election. “Karnataka has 94 per cent of its voters registered with Bengaluru. But the intellectual capital of Bengaluru has recorded just 67 per cent. The low voter numbers in Bengaluru is pulling down the entire state. This leaves a lot to be desired in Karnataka, unlike Tamil Nadu which is 99.8 per cent and Kerala, 100 per cent”, said Dr Quraishi.The CEC does not buy the ‘I am not voting for an incompetent candidate’ argument. This should become a statement of shame and embarrassment, he says.".

Successive Election Commissioners have, since 1998, recommended a number of reforms to the election rules etc., and 13 of them are pending with the Government of India. Since any kind of reform is likely to result in some kind of back lash to the politicians (law makers), these are not being brought up for discussion cutting across party lines.  Mr.Veerappa Moily did make some moves a year ago for eliciting public opinion on electoral reforms and after his portfolio was changed, nothing is moving in this reforms direction.



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Do we need people like Modi!?!!

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1.     Proportional representation being demanded is in its seed form. 

2.     This demand can be meaningful only if our electoral rolls are perfect,

3.     voting is done without coercion or corruption, criminals are not contesting and 

4.     provisions for Recall of a candidate (even under the proposed proportional representation idea) are in place

Criminals in politics and criminalization of politics are perhaps the basic issues!

Probably we need people like Modi! comment guidelines

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