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Ward58 the problem of choked Sanitary pipe lines – Solutions

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On 5th August 2011 there was an inspection programme of the up gradation of Sewage pipe line in 4th main, HAL III stage in ward 58. [1] The Husband of the corporater of ward 58, Mr. Vijay Kumar arrived at about 9:00 AM. While we were on the inspection, Mr. Balraj a resident of the locality approached Mr. Vijay Kumar and pleaded with him to visit an overflowing sewage man hole in front of his house. Mr. Balraj is a Retired BEML Assistant Supervisor.  

We along with Vijay Kumar went accordingly to the location. We were aghast at the sight where the sewage water overflowing was all over the road where Mr. Balraj lived. The water was entering Mr. Balraj’s Bore Well and had been flooding his gate.

The response of Mr.Vijay Kumar  was that of a shock. The ward BWSSB and BBMP reps were also present. Vijay Kumar instructed them to get the Lorry with Pneumatic Pipe excellent mobile equipment which can clear blocked sewage lines. The blockage was cleared in few hours time.

I was wondering whether we the residents have to wait for the disaster to scramble for things to happen? Mr. Balraj had complained about 6 weeks back. Only to day the problem was solved in a couple of hours hard and well executed work by the BBMP crew involved. 


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Some Pictures

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P-1 The Clogged Drain

P-2 Animated Discussions

P-3 The Pneumatic Clog buster

P-4 Man in the Hole

P-5 pneumatics cable in Operation

P-6 Mr. Vijaykumar Husband of the Corporator Ward # 58 Smt Sumitra Vijaykumar. 

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Let Internet marry citizens with officials

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Internet certainly could be harnessed to make the complaints be handled quicker. If "all the world" would see the piles officials have, action should be faster. Also pics etc. could be entered when a complaint is "piled".

Such a thing could even be made "fun", for that matter. Give officials ability to say which pile height is acceptable and those piles would be green. Anything going above would become yellow, then red and start to swing (if seen in a browser UI).

This is just an idea - and you don't need to say this is India and things won't happen. Cause they will. It's only that while part of the society is very internet-savvy, supposedly efficient and equally supposedly non-corrupted, the earlier generation is struggling with the new ways. And this is why such systems, if ever done, should be made to be as "officer friendly" as they would be "citizen friendly". It's all about communications, really.

As I'm reading Praja, I'm also studing Making Things Happen, a wonderful book by O'Reilley. I bet many government officials could use it, to make change in their organisation.

- asko

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More Pictures the next day

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On evening of 7th August I called up Mr. Balraj to find out the situation after the sewage water drain de clogging. He said the situation is OK except that during the heavy rain on the previous night, the Sewage drain over flowed again. This was due to the rain water infiltrating the Sewage water drain, a reverse phenomenon.  

P1 Kabab Center - at Night I was impressed about the dazzling kabab center doing roring bussiness!


P2 Kabab Center-Previous day Morning View 1 Observe the 100% encroachment of the foot path.  

P3 Kabab Center-Previous day morning View 2

This kabab center did not look so impressive at all, especially with sewage water all over the road, confirming the 100% encroachment of the foot path. comment guidelines

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