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Sachidananda Nagara Nyaya Para Andolana

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Paying bribes for issue of khatas has become common place today and it happens in almost every apartment or residence in Bengaluru. Through this fight we want to wipe out CORRUPTION in KHATAS from our layout.. from our city.. and from the entire country itself!

For the full details on the valiant fight put up by the residents of Sachidananda Nagara, under the leadership of Dr Shankar Prasad, LokSatta Karnataka, Vice President, click here

Muralidhar Rao


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the Gandhigiri route

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Frustrated over their long wait for a BBMP khata and irregular distribution of the same, long-time site owners of Sachidananda Nagar landed at the BBMP commissioner’s office on Thursday with roses, garlands, placards, documents and a detailed account of irregularities they faced enroute. What they wanted was his written order to get them khatas.
Loksatta’s Shankar Prasad, who led the delegation, said: “We still have some faith. I just hope the new commissioner gives us relief within the next 48 hours as promised. Else we will be back at his office again with the same crowd and of course, with the roses.”

Mr Siddaiah, the BBMP Commissioner responded positively saying "This is a very old issue and rather unfortunate. They are educated citizens and have voiced their grievance, citing clear directions from the court judgment. We will look into the documents and records on Friday and will be out with a solution to end the issue soon".

For the full report in the TOI, click here

I too was a part of the delegation. At a certain stage, something that an official stated provoked Dr Shankar Prasad into expressing his impatience very vocally and visibly. Mr Siddiah then intervened to request patience.

The question that arises is how long can even educated people continue to carry on a fight for justice in a dignified way in the face of such humiliation, harrassment, and even physical threats? Similar treatment meted out to the less educated, is what has led to Naxalism and similar activities. But, for the educated lot, such paths are generally quite out of the question. But, if things go the way they have been of recent, nobody can ever say.

Well, it certainly needn't have to be that way. Just as Dr Shankar Prasad stated, people still have faith in the system. There are still very many good people amongst the officialdom and politicians in the state. All they need to do is to take charge, and ask the corrupt lot to just step aside. The people will be fully behind them.

To that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake!

Muralidhar Rao
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The group certainly deserves to be praised for their methods and resolve. Let us hope that this results in some meaningful action. What are the chances they hear something back this weekend? While setting myself up to be disappointed, I'm hoping that it is greater than 0.

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faith restored

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The peaceful protest by 840 site owners of Sachhidananda Layout near Rajarajeshwari has ended their wait for khatas, with the BBMP commissioner writing to them.

For the full report in the ToI, click here.

Mr Uday Nethrekere, a campaign leader, said this yesterday "the turning point for us is when you guys (Loksatta) came to us with your full support, we would not have got this done this without you - please convey this to all your members"

Mailing about this, Dr Shankar Prasad, LokSatta member and another leader of the campaign, said "BBMP Offificals came to my house and delivered a copy of the letter and said that they will work on it immediately. They were also highly appreciative of our fight..and said this brought discipline/ order inside BBMP (they used Kannada word..Shistu)".

Like I had stated earlier, "There are still very many good people amongst the officialdom and politicians in the state. All they need to do is to take charge, and ask the corrupt lot to just step aside. The people will be fully behind them". Obviously, the officials who came to meet Dr Prasad feel liberated and perhaps even energised. A few more such campaigns, and the "taking full charge" can really happen.

My father, let my country awake to that heaven of freedom!


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