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HSR Flyover - overhead power lines a problem?

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While the work at a flyover on Outer Ring Road near HSR Layout is in full swing, I don't see anything that indicates that the overhead power transmission lines will be raised to accomodate the new flyover. Took some pictures ...

... and I hope that either the transmission lines are at a safe height above, or BDA has planned to adjust their height. As we know, details like these lead to delay in these flyover projects.



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currently looks to be targeting a collision

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 So you noticed this too SB.  This one appears to be absolutely headed for flyover meets transmission line sort of situation, the best I can say looking up from the ground.  Hopefully this has been accounted for.  The recent reports on the Tumkur road flyover getting delayed because of a KPTCL line coming in the way should provide some nice context to this situation.


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have they planned for it?

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BDA (or the contractor) would definitely know there is a problem ahead, after all the cables are there for all to see. But I can bet that nothing has been done about it yet, and the cable tangle will delay this flyover.

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Tender floated

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Tender for increasing the height of cables were floated by BDA in Dec 09 just before the flyover work started. So it may not be that bad, but I not sure when they will start this work.  

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Update from BDA sources

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The power lines will be raised 12 m from their current height. The contact has already been awarded to a contractor and the work (foundation for the new power towers) is expected to start in a weeks time.

With regards to the Tumkur road project, NHAI had requested KPTCL to do the shifting work. KPTCL is not responsible to move the lines affecting other's project. NHAI realized this the hard way - they are not doing the shifting works themselves.

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so, who is doing this job?

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KPTCL is not responsible to move the lines affecting other's project

So, who is undertaking the HSR job? BDA?

Muralidhar Rao
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Yes its the BDA thats doing the job. Infact the agency which takes up the project is responsible for shifting of all utility lines (electric lines, water lines, sewage lines). Same is the case with BBMP or BMRCL projects.
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Thanks for updates

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I take my cynical comments back, BDA has indeed floated the tender to raise the cables.

Thanks Mr Jairaj and Rithesh for updates. Rithesh - how did you know the work details as well? Through your contacts, or somewhere on tenderwizard or BDA websites? comment guidelines

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