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Cycle Day in Layouts and Localities, which are close to rail lines

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Praja related

Dear Prajagale,

It may be a good idea to hold the cycle day event held at layouts and localities in Bangalore, which are in close proximity to rail lines and railway stations. A lot of us who have grown up hearing the noise of the chugging trains relate to the concept of a suburban railway in comparison to others.

The level of awareness in Bangalore about suburban railways continues to be extremely poor. As someone suggested, Cycle Day is an ideal opportunity to create awareness about Suburban rail. Old parts of North, West and East Bangalore such as Cantonment, Vijayanagar, Malleshwaram are located in close proximity to railway lines. 

The Malleshwaram Residents Association is a strong one and we shall be able to garner the required public support if we were to use the cycle day campaign in this locality to market Suburban Railway. They shall relate to Suburban railway if someone were to communicate that traffic experts have often commented that effective use of Malleshwaram Railway station shall solve the congestion issues in Malleshwaram. 

A large part of South Bangalore is tucked away in a corner far far away from any rail line. This is nothing but an example of flawed planning. I am not sure whether they would give us the required public support even if we make concerted efforts to create awareness. They may not find any merit in a suburban system chiefly on account of last mile connectivity issues.

Unfortunately, a lot of economic activity in Bangalore is centred in these areas. This has only resulted in Bangalore becoming an expensive city.



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Electronics city and surya nagar

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     Electronics city and surya nagar part of Bangalore can be positively transformed by Namma Railu. In fact  there is a sizeable population that travels from.electronics city to manyata tech park. Suburban rail can be a major relief for those folks. Similarly connectivity to outer ring road where rail line runs in parallel can also be improved.... We need to act. 

I am willing to coordinate for such campains. Don't know where to start :-)


Kamalesh V

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CRS can be started on

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CRS can be started on Bangalore -Tumkur, Yeshwanthpur- Chikkaballapur, Cantonment- Chikkballapur and Bangalore - Ramangara- Bangalore- Bangarpet radials.

These tracks are already doubled, so starting services is not that much of an issue. 


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We can still run the champaign in different parts of city.

unless entire Bangalore awakens, this is going to take its own sweet time.



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Already its done in Cycle day event.

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June'2014 : In Cycle Day event,  standy / Banner on Commuter Rail displayed at Agara and Yelahanka.

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@Kamalesh, lets work out for creating awarness

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Electronics city and surya nagar part of Bangalore  :  Awarness campaign can be done,  may be on weekend or at any of the company places.

We have presentation and details to explain.  Also even write up material with FAQs, two pager on Commuter rail available on Praja site and also we can share.

Share ur contact details and lets take this forward at your area.



Ph : 9448135837

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Sanjeev  Banaswadi can be

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Banaswadi can be good catchment area. The Home Minister in an interview before the Railway Budget made a mention of Suburban Rail for Bangalore.

It is part of his constituency. Maybe it is time to approach him just as Sorake was approached.




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The idea of this post was to

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The idea of this post was to promote the idea of cycle day in localities close to railway stations/ railway lines. comment guidelines

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