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Multiple CRS Terminals

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Commuter Rail

SWR has been using the Binny Mills land issue as an excuse not to start CRS in Bangalore. I have a few suggestions, which could mean that we may not be required to use SBC as a terminal for CRS services:

(1) There could be frequent trains on Doddaballapur Route and Chikkaballapur if we have trains starting from the new Yelahanka terminal. They should run trains to Kolar from Yelahanka (YNK) on the new link via BIAL and Chikkaballapur. Trains should be run to Chikkaballapur via BIAL from Yeshwanthpur and Byapanhalli. This way, the remote villages between Chikkaballpaur and Kolar will get access to Bangalore city. The lone train between SBC and Kolar via Chikkballapur has only one service and 90% of the crowd gets off at YNK. Around 90 to 120 minutes is spent travelling on the train from YNK to SBC because of the platform congestion at SBC. Instead, Yelahanka should be built as a terminal and we should have services starting from Yelahanka to Kolar. Trains from BYPL and YPR to Chikkaballapur via YNK and KIAL shall ensure these people could get to the city centre as well. Such an arrangement shall help the airport goers as well.

(2) Half the trains running to Kerala and Chennai should be shifted to BYPL once it is built as a coaching terminal. Half the trains in the Hyderabad direction can be shifted to YNK from YPR once the new facility is ready.

(3). Bangalore Mysore trains should start from Jnanabharthi (GNB) instead of YPR or SBC. This could be done by developing the station GBN station so that it becomes a de facto commuter service with a frequency of maybe one hour. The space freed up at Yeshwanthpur can be used to start Commuter services to Tumkur. BYPL if developed and expanded can have commuter services running up to Marikuppam.

(4) YNK can run commuter services running up to Gowrbidanur once the electrification inspection is over. DEMUs to Kolar via Chikkaballapur and KIAL can be run from Yelahanka. They can use the revenue generated from these trains to double the Yelahanka to Guntakal line and also the new Kolar Chikkballapur line.

(5) Yeshwanthpur should be used to run MEMUs to Kengeri/ Ramanagara so that Mysore and Tumkur are well connected through this arrangement.





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Looks like SWR wants to do it in Haphazard manner

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SWR is doing work on Suburban Rail in Haphazard way with investment without state support.

1.  MEMU shed at Banaswadi without any MEMU rakes in Bangalore division

2. Running trains upto Bangalore city station which is suppose to be congested as per SWR terminology.  But every year 8 / 10  trains are added.

3. SWR will add 1 DEMU and 1 MEMU rakes which will  cost Rs 40 Crore.

4. SWR is completing some of the doubling works  

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SCR is doing a better job

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SCR is doing a much better job than SWR. Even the SPV for Hyderabad's Suburban railway will soon see the light of the day. Gowda seems to be oblivious to the needs of his constituency.

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450 Meter length / 4 Merter wide skyawalk at HMRDC

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HMR and GHMC also have a grand plan of jointly constructing a skywalk connecting both the lines and also to the Secunderabad railway station at an estimated cost of Rs. 7.2 crore to reduce congestion on the station road. It also has eight bus stops from Rathifile till Secunderabad Gurudwara.

“We also plan to have four skywalks in between connecting to the platforms and bus stops between the main entrance and the Rathifile bus stop,” he says.

The skywalk is to be built on the central median with cantilever support on both sides of the road.

It will be of 450 metres length and four metres wide with the secondary skywalks being 2.5 metres wide with staircases and escalators.

Looksl ike Hyderababad isdoing good on integration of METRO and Railways SCR as compared to fighting between SWR & BMRC.

If BMRC build skywalk at YEsvantpur station,  patronage for METRO will go up easily and it will be visible too.

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Bangalore will get 5 Railway Terminals

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Bangalore City, Yesvantpur, Yelahanka,  Bangalore Cantonment, Baiyyappanhallai  will be Railway Terinals in Bangalore,  they will be at 20% of the infrastructure of South Central Railway Terminals.

Even after many years ( 10 Years ),  Yesvantpur does not have platfrom shelters,  1.5  FOB,  poor ticket counters,  no integration between BTMC,  METRO,  no escalators  as copared to Secunderabad has 6 escalators. comment guidelines

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