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24*7 Transport Service to all Major Railways Stations and TTMCs

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The idea of a 24*7 service Bus Service to all railway major stations and bus stands across the length and breadth of the city has been mooted quite a few times. 

Unfortunately, this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. The BMTC always seems to run on a silo and never takes into account suggestions from public. This is seen by their inaction and inertia on the issue of late night services. Lawyer Shashank Kumar presented a survey and also petitioned Anjum Parwez on this issue. However, the process has not moved an inch after late night services were promised by BMTC in May 2014.

BMTC runs 24*7 services to the airport but is averse to do the same when it comes to Bus Stands and Railway Stations. The passenger traffic is higher to the railway stations or bus stands on any given day, which means higher revenue for BMTC.

Unfortunately, common sense is something that we have come not to expect from BMTC. It would be great if Sanjeev could help us with the details of late night trains from Yelahanka, Majestic, Yeshwanthpur, Cantonment and KR Puram. 

We can draft a letter and hand over the same to Anjum Parwez and hope that BMTC acts. comment guidelines

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