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Rithesh Cycle lanes in Portland - 13 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya Is Crowdsourcing only way out? 13 years ago
bangalore-guy City Commpute Survey. Kindly spare 2-3 mins : http://www.surveymonkey.c... 13 years ago
Bheema.Upadhyaya Where is footpath in E-City Phase-2 ? 13 years ago
Naveen » silkboard Having traveled & seen so much, I regret to say that we are fooling ourselves if we believe everything will be fine here due to democracy. 13 years ago
silkboard Went to I G Park on Sunday, musical fountain show, nice. looked for signs of war memorial, didn't find much construction activity. 13 years ago
silkboard » Naveen Naveen seems to be in real negative mood these days :) 13 years ago
silkboard Election drama done, its time for Regional governance bill for Bengaluru. Lets see if Ashok and Katta will let go of their samraajya. 13 years ago
Bharat LET THE INCUMBENT BJP WIN 13 years ago
silkboard So what if I didn't vote? Like not voting is a crime. Make it one if it is. 13 years ago
shekhar_mittal U submit the form.Spend an hour searching ur name in the surrounding polling booths. No guaranteer you get to vote. #fail #Bangalore #BBMP 13 years ago
Ravi_D How can attach a file to a project task? 13 years ago
shekhar_mittal Story of Stuff: Bottled water : A must watch! #link 13 years ago
Rithesh Citizen matters journalist offered cash for "Paid News".. when will praja folks get such offers ;) Great job Vaishnavi! 13 years ago
nl.srinivas » ss87 Thanks again. 13 years ago
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